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World Environment Day Theme 2022 - Description

Dear readers, today we are going to upload the World Environment Day Theme 2022 PDF for all of you. World Environment Day 2022 is one of the biggest international days for the environment or nature. World Environment Day is Led by the United Nations Environment Programme which is known as UNEP in its short form.
As you all know World Environment Day is celebrated every year in several different countries since 1973. World Environment Day has grown to be the largest global platform for environmental outreach. It is celebrated by millions of people all around the world. This year world environment Day is celebrated on Sunday, 5 June 2022 across the world.

World Environment Day Theme 2022 PDF

  • World Environment Day is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment.
  • Held annually since 1974, the Day has also become a vital platform for promoting progress on the environmental dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • With the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) at the helm, over 150 countries participate each year. Major corporations, non-governmental organizations, communities, governments and celebrities from across the world adopt the World Environment Day brand to champion environmental causes.
  • World Environment Day takes place every year on 5 June. Over the years, it has grown to be the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people across the world.
  • The United Nations General Assembly has declared the years 2021 through 2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations together with the support of other partners will lead the event to prevent, halt, and reverse the loss and degradation of ecosystems worldwide.
  • It aims at reviving hundreds of millions of hectares, covering terrestrial as well as aquatic ecosystems. A global call to action, the UN decade draws together political support, scientific research, and financial muscle to massively scale up restoration.
  • World Environment Day 2022 will be held under the theme Only One Earth, with the focus on “Living sustainably in Harmony with Nature” highlighting the need to live sustainably in harmony with nature by bringing transformative changes – through policies and our choices – toward cleaner, greener lifestyles.
  • Only One Earth was the motto for the 1972 Stockholm Conference; 50 years on, the motto holds true – this planet is our only home, whose finite resources humanity must safeguard.
  • All Centres of the Institution are requested to celebrate World Environment Day 2022 in a befitting manner.

World Environment Day 2022 Theme and Host Country

Year Theme Host city
1974 Only one Earth during Expo ’74 Spokane, United States
1975 Human Settlements Dhaka, Bangladesh
1976 Water: Vital Resource for Life Ontario, Canada
1977 Ozone Layer Environmental Concern; Lands Loss and Soil Degradation Sylhet, Bangladesh
1978 Development Without Destruction Sylhet, Bangladesh
1979 Only One Future for Our Children – Development Without Destruction Sylhet, Bangladesh
1980 A New Challenge for the New Decade: Development Without Destruction Sylhet, Bangladesh
1981 Ground Water; Toxic Chemicals in Human Food Chains Sylhet, Bangladesh
1982 Ten Years After Stockholm (Renewal of Environmental Concerns) Dhaka, Bangladesh
1983 Managing and Disposing Hazardous Waste: Acid Rain and Energy Sylhet, Bangladesh
1984 Desertification Rajshahi, Bangladesh
1985 Youth: Population and the Environment Islamabad, Pakistan
1986 A Tree for Peace Ontario, Canada
1987 Environment and Shelter: More Than A Roof Nairobi, Kenya
1988 When People Put the Environment First, Development Will Last Bangkok, Thailand
1989 Global Warming; Global Warning Brussels, Belgium
1990 Children and the Environment Mexico City, Mexico
1991 Climate Change. Need for Global Partnership Stockholm, Sweden
1992 Only One Earth, Care and Share Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1993 Poverty and the Environment – Breaking the Vicious Circle Beijing, People’s Republic of China
1994 One Earth One Family London, United Kingdom
1995 We the Peoples: United for the Global Environment Pretoria, South Africa
1996 Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home Istanbul, Turkey
1997 For Life on Earth Seoul, Republic of Korea
1998 For Life on Earth – Save Our Seas Moscow, Russian Federation
1999 Our Earth – Our Future – Just Save It! Tokyo, Japan
2000 The Environment Millennium – Time to Act Adelaide, Australia
2001 Connect with the World Wide Web of Life Torino, Italy and Havana, Cuba
2002 Give Earth a Chance Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China
2003 Water – Two Billion People are Dying for It! Beirut, Lebanon
2004 Wanted! Seas and Oceans – Dead or Alive? Barcelona, Spain
2005 Green Cities – Plan for the Planet! San Francisco, United States
2006 Deserts and Desertification – Don’t Desert Drylands! Algiers, Algeria
2007 Melting Ice – a Hot Topic? London, England
2008 Kick The Habit – Towards A Low Carbon Economy Wellington, New Zealand
2009 Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change Mexico City, Mexico
2010 Many Species. One Planet. One Future Rangpur, Bangladesh
2011 Forests: Nature at your Service Delhi, India
2012 Green Economy: Does it include you? Brasilia, Brazil
2013 Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Foodprint Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2014 Raise your voice, not the sea level Bridgetown, Barbados
2015 Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care. Rome, Italy
2016 Zero Tolerance for the Illegal Wildlife trade Luanda, Angola
2017 Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator Ottawa, Canada
2018 Beat Plastic Pollution New Delhi, India
2019 Beat Air Pollution China
2020 Time for Nature Colombia
2021 Ecosystem restoration Pakistan
2022 Only One Earth Sweden

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