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Voter Form 6 - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering Voter Form 6 PDF to all of you. If you want to fill up the Voter Form 6 perfectly then you should be careful about some important points that are given here. Applications should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency in which they wish to be registered. The ninth day of the constituency should be mentioned in the blank space given in this proposal. An applicant applying as a voter for the first constituency or for transferring status from another constituency should fill all the required boxes in the appropriate boxes and fill in complete particulars in the declaration section, otherwise the application will be rejected. may also be rejected at this stage. The applicant should be aged 18 years or above on the first date of registration in respect of the year in which the electoral roll is to be revised.  If a person has passed Class 10 or above, he/she should be given a copy of the Class 10 marksheet provided that the following marks are given as proof of the minimum marks

Voter Form 6 PDF Overview & Instructions

  • Please note that no fee shall be charged for the application Form or for processing the Form for registration by Registration Officer, except for the Election Commission approved paid services at authorized centres.
  • An Indian citizen who has attained age of 18 years or more on the first day of January of the year with reference to which the electoral roll is being revised. For example, for revision being conducted with reference to 1.1.2017 as qualifring date, a person completing 18 years of age on 1.1.2017 (i.e. a person born on or before 1.1.1998) is eligible to get enrolled as an elector and thus can file Form 6. However, while filing application during continuous updating /non-revision period of electoral roll, age of 18 years or more should be reckoned (mentioned in the application Form) with reference to the qualifying date, 1″t January of the year on which basis electoral rolls have been last revised and finally published.
  • An lndian Citizen who is eligible ds per the obove, con get registered his name anywhere in lndia ot the pldce of his ordinary residence.
  • A person shifting his / her place of ordinary residence outside the constituency in which he / she is already registered as an elector. In case a person shifts his place of ordinary residence in the constituency, the application should be made in Form 8A and not in Form 6.However, it should be noted that while submitting Form 6 or Form 8A on shifting of address (place of ordinary residence), no correction should be made in name and details of existing electoral roll in respect of the previous address (place of ordinary residence) except the details of new Address. For any correction in the entries of existing electoral roll, application should be made in Form 8 only.
  • Service Voter:-A Service Personnel should apply in Form 2/ 2A/ 3, as the case may be, for registration as service elector in respect of himself and his wife, if she is residing with him, in the last part of the electoral roll of his home constituency. A Service Personnel, who has not been so enrolled as Service Elector in the last part of his/her home constituency, has also an option to get hisArer name enrolled as general elector in the electoral rolls ofhis place ofposting, provided it is a peace station.
  • Service personnel, applying for enrolment as general elector in the electoral roll at his place of posting at a peace station, has to submit a declaration (Annexure-I) along with Form-6,+

How to fill Form-6

  • The application should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency in which he seeks registration. The name of the constituency should be mentioned in the blank space given for the purpose.
  • The applicant applying as a frst time voter or due to shifting fiom another constituency, should tick the appropriate box, given for the purpose andfill the complete details in the DECLARATION portion, othetwise, the application is liable to be rejected at the initial stage itself.
  • Fields for providing particulars in items (a) to O are mandatory and therefore complete information should mandatorily be given against the appropriate item.
  • The exact name and spelling as it should appear in the electoral roll and Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) should be furnished. The full name should be written in the first box and surname should be written in the second box. In case the applicant does not have a surname, then box for surnarne should be left blank. Caste should not be mentioned except where the caste name is used as part of the elector’s name or a surname. Appellations like Shri, Smt. Kumari, Khan, Begum, pandit etc. should not be mentioned. The Applicant may mention his name in English and official language of the State both, if possible.

Relation’s Name

In case of an unmarried female applicant, name of Father / Mother is to be mentioned. In case of a married female applicant, name of Husband should preferably be mentioned. Strike out the inapplicable options in the column.

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