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Dear readers, here we are offering Virology is the Study of PDF to all of you. Virology is the scientific study of biological viruses. Collecting information about different classes of biological viruses and virus-like structures, development, reproduction, growth rate, cell, and infection method, as well as collecting information about the diseases caused by them and research experiments and studies towards the treatment of their diseases is called virology.

It can also be called a part of biology or pathology in Sukta. So today in our special offer you will learn many facts related to virology, such as virus structure, classification, diseases, research, treatment, history and much other important information.

Virology is the Study of PDF

  • Genetics

All viruses have genes that are studied using genetics. All the techniques used in molecular biologies, such as cloning, creating mutations RNA silencing are used in viral genetics.

  • Reassortment

Reassortment is the switching of genes from different parents and it is particularly useful when studying the genetics of viruses that have segmented genomes (fragmented into two or more nucleic acid molecules) such as influenza viruses and rotaviruses. The genes that encode properties such as serotypes can be identified in this way.

  • Recombination

Often confused with reassortment, recombination is also the mixing of genes but the mechanism differs in that stretches of DNA or RNA molecules, as opposed to the full molecules, are joined together during the RNA or DNA replication cycle. Recombination is not as common as reassortment in nature but it is a powerful tool in laboratories for studying the structure and functions of viral genes.

  • Reverse genetics

Reverse genetics is a powerful research method in virology. In this procedure, complementary DNA (cDNA) copies of virus genomes called “infectious clones” are used to produce genetically modified viruses that can be then tested for changes in say, virulence or transmissibility.

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Virology is the Study of pdf

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