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Valluha Surah PDF Summary

Dear readers, here we are offering Valluha Surah pdf to all of you. Assalamu Alaikum Nazreen In today’s post we will talk about Surah duha in Hindi and its translation surah al duha in hindi and in Arabic, read this post completely to know the virtues and qualities of this Surah. In this post you will get to read all kinds of information related to Surah Duha, such as Surah Duha in Hindi, Surah Duha’s Hindi translation and Surah Duha’s PDF and Tafseer in Hindi. Friends, here below we have provided Surah Duha in Hindi Text for reciting Surah Duha. You can easily recite this Surah Duha by reciting it. Friends, before reading Surah Duha in Hindi Mein, let us know some important things about Surah Duha. What every Muslim should know. Surah Duha is present in the 30th Para of Quran Majeed. This is Makki Surah.

Valluha Surah PDF Lyrics Transliteration

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

wad duhaa

wal laili iza sajaa

ma wad da’aka rabbuka wa ma qalaa

walal-aakhiratu khairul laka minal-oola

wa la sawfa y’uteeka rabbuka fatarda

alam ya jidka yateeman fa aawaa

wa wa jadaka daal lan fahada

wa wa jadaka ‘aa-ilan fa aghnaa

fa am mal yateema fala taqhar

wa am mas saa-ila fala tanhar

wa amma bi ni’mati rabbika fahad dith

Valluha Surah PDF Translation

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

I swear by the forenoon,

and by the night when it becomes peaceful,

your Lord ( O Prophet,) has neither forsaken you, nor has become displeased.

Surely the Hereafter is much better for you than the present life.

And of course, your Lord will give you so much that you will be pleased.

Did He not find you an orphan, and give you shelter?

And He found you unaware of the way (the Shari_ah ) , then He guided you.

and He found you in need, then made you need-free.

Therefore, as for orphan, do not oppress him,

and as for the beggar, do not scold him.

And about the bounty of your Lord, do talk.

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