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Dear readers, here we are providing The Third Level Summary PDF to all of you. ‘The Third Level’ is a story that weaves together a psychological journey of the narrator into the past, present, and moves toward the future. This amazing story was originally published on 7 October 1950.
It is written by Jack Finney who was a well successful American writer. He has written numerous science fiction and thrillers stories and books that gained huge success. He was born on 2 October 1911 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. He got World Fantasy Award—Life Achievement for his work.

The Third Level Summary PDF / The Third Level Class 12 PDF Summary

  • ‘Charley is convinced that there are three, not just two, levels of Grand Central Station. Charley’s psychiatrist Sam Weiner and his friends think his delusion is a ‘waking-dream wish fulfillment’ and like his stamp collection, a temporary refuge from a world full of insecurity, fear, war and worry’.
  • Charley describes how one evening while hurrying home from the office he decides to take the subway from Grand Central Station and gets lost. He eventually finds himself on a strange third level with spittoons, gaslights, an ancient locomotive, and people whose appearance and clothes look strange.
  • He realizes that he has somehow gone back in time to 1894, which is confirmed by the newspaper’s lead story on President Cleveland. Charley tries to buy tickets to Galesburg, Illinois, a wonderful town… with big old frame houses, huge lawns, and tremendous trees…, and where summer evenings were twice as long and people lived in peace and harmony.
  • But the clerk won’t accept his 1950 currency and so he leaves the station. During his lunch break the next day, Charley withdraws nearly all his savings and buys old-style currency to buy tickets to Galesburg of 1894. But he can never again find the entrance to the third level at Grand Central Station.
  • Charley finds evidence that the third level actually exists when he discovers a letter dated July 18, 1894, addressed to his grandfather at Galesburg, Illinois, from his psychiatrist Sam Weiner who it seems was not skeptical of the third level as he had appeared.

About the author The Third Level Summary PDF

Born John Finney
October 2, 1911
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Died November 14, 1995 (aged 84)
Greenbrae, California, United States
Occupation Novelist, short story writer
Nationality American
Alma mater Knox College
Period 1946–1995
Genre Noir fiction, science fiction, thrillers, comedy
Subject 19th century American history
Notable works The Body Snatchers, Time and Again

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