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Dear readers, here we are offering Tav Prasad Savaiye English pdf to all of you. Sangat ji, Nitnem means daily work, daily routine. Nitnem is very important for Sikhs (Sikh Panth). One of the words of Sahib Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj is that it is very important for us to earn our money and that we take out the Daswantar (tenth part) of our time. Nitnem is made by joining 5 Baniyas and it is also called Panj Baniyas. And we should recite these five banis regularly every morning at the time of Amritvela.

And to make it easy for everyone, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj gave us this gift of Nitnem through which we can extract the Daswantar of our time and connect with Bani. I request all of you with folded hands to make it a rule to recite this Nitnem daily and receive the eternal blessings of Guru Maharaj.

Tav Prasad Savaiye English PDF

sraavag su’dh samooh sidhaan ke dhekh firio ghar jog jatee ke || soor suraaradhan su’dh sudhaadhik sa(n)t samooh anek matee ke || saare hee dhes ko dhekh rahio mat kouoo na dhekheeat praanapatee ke || sree bhagavaan kee bhai kirapaa hoo te ek ratee bin ek ratee ke ||1||21||

I have seen during my tours pure Sravaks (Jaina and Buddhist monks), group of adepts and abodes of ascetics and Yogi. Valiant heroes, demons killing gods, gods drinking nectar and assemblies of saints of various sects. I have seen the disciplines of the religious systems of all the countries, but seen none of the Lord, the Master of my life. They are worth nothing without an iota of the Grace of the Lord. 1.21.

maate mata(n)g jare jar sa(n)g anoop uta(n)g sura(n)g savaare || koT tura(n)g kura(n)g se koodhat paun ke gaun ko jaat nivaare || bhaaree bhujaan ke bhoop bhalee bidh niaavat sees na jaat bichaare Il ete bhe ta kahaa bhe bhoopat a(n)t ko naa(n)ge hee paa(n)i padhaare ||2||22||

With intoxicated elephants, studded with gold, incomparable and huge, painted in bright colours. With millions of horses galloping like deer, moving faster than the wind. With many kings indescribable, having long arms (of heavy allied forces), bowing their heads in fine array. What matters if such mighty emperors were there, because they had to leave the world with bare feet.2.22.

jeet firai sabh dhes dhisaan ko baajat ddol miradha(n)g nagaare || gu(n)jat goor gajaan ke su(n)dhar hi(n)sat hai(n) hayaraaj hajaare Il bhoot bhavi’kh bhavaan ke bhoopat kaun ganai nahee(n). jaat bichaare || sree pat sree bhagavaan bhaje bin a(n)t kau a(n)t ke dhaam sidhaare ||3||23||

With the beat of drums and trumpets if the emperor conquers all the countries, Along with many beautiful roaring elephants and thousands of neighing houses of best breed. Such like emperors of the past, present and future cannot be counted and ascertained. But without remembering the Name of the Lord, they ultimately leave for their final abode. 3.23.

teerath naan dhiaa dham dhaan su sa(n)jam nem anek bisekhai || bedh puraan kateb kuraan jameen jamaan sabaan ke pekhai || paun ahaar jatee jat dhaar sabai su bichaar hajaar k dhekhai || sree bhagavaan bhaje bin bhoopat ek ratee bin ek na lekhai ||4||24||

Taking bath at holy places, exercising mercy, controlling passions, performing acts of charity, practicing austerity and many special rituals. Studying of Vedas, Puranas and holy Quran and scanning all this world and the next world. Subsisting only on air, practicing continence and meeting thousands of persons of all good thoughts. But O King! Without the remembrance of the Name of the Lord, all this is of no account, being without an iota of the Grace of the Lord. 4.24.

sa’udh sipaeh dhura(n)t dhubaeh su saaj sanaeh dhurajaan dhalai(n)ge || bhaaree gumaan bhare man mai(n) kar parabat pa(n)kh hale na halai(n)ge || tor areen maror mavaasan maate mata(n)gan maan malai(n)ge chalai(n)ge Il sree pat sree bhagavaan kirapaa bin tiaag jahaan nidhaan ||5||25||

The trained soldiers, mightly and invincible, clad in coat of mail, who would be able to crush the enemies. With great ego in their mind that they would not be vanquished even if the mountains move with wings. They would destroy the enemies, twist the rebels and smash the pride of intoxicated elephants. But without the Grace of the Lord-God, they would ultimately leave the world. 5.25.

beer apaar badde bariaar abichaareh saar kee dhaar bhachha’yaa || torat dhes mali(n)dh mavaasan maate gajaan ke maan mala’yaa || gaaRhe gaRhaan ko toRanahaar su baatan hee(n) chak chaar lava’yaa || saahib sree sabh ko siranaik jaachak anek su ek dhiva’yaa ||6||26||

Innumerable brave and mighty heroes, fearlessly facing the edge of the sword. Conquering the countries, subjugating the rebels and crushing the pride of the intoxicated elephants. Capturing the strong forts and conquering all sides with mere threats. The Lord God is the Commander of all and is the only Donor, the beggars are many. 6.26.

dhaanav dhev fani(n)dh nisaachar bhoot bhavikh bhavaan japai(n)ge Il jeev jite jal mai thal mai pal hee pal mai sabh thaap thapai(n)ge || pu(n)n prataapan baadd jait dhun paapan ke bahu pu(n)j khapai(n)ge Il saadh samooh prasa(n)n firai(n) jag satr sabhai avilok chapai(n)ge ||7||27||

Demons, gods, huge serpents, ghosts, past. present and future would repeat His Name All the creatures in the sea and on land would increase and the heaps of sins would be destroyed. The praises of the glories of virtues would increase and the heaps of sins would be destroyed All the saints would wander in the world with bliss and the enemies would be annoyed on seeing them.7.27.

maanav i(n)dhr gaji(n)dhr naraadhap jauan tiralok ko raaj karai(n)ge || koT isanaan gajaadhik dhaan anek sua(n)bar saaj barai(n)ge || braham mahesar bisan sacheepat a(n)t fase jam faas parai(n)ge Il je nar sree pat ke pras hai(n) pag te nar fer na dheh dharai(n)ge ||81|28||

King of men and elephants, emperors who would rule over the three worlds. Who would perform millions of ablutions, give elephants and other animals in charity and arrange many svayyamuaras (self-marriage functions) for weddings. Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Consort of Sachi (Indra) would ultimately fall in the noose of death. But those who fall at the feet of Lord-God, they would not appear again in physical form. 8.28

kahaa bhayo jo dhouoo lochan moo(n)dh kai baiTh rahio bak dhiaan lagaio || nhaat firio le’ee saat samudhran lok gayo paralok gavaio || baas keeo bikhiaan so(n) baiTh kai aaise hee aaise su bais bitaio || saach kaho(n) sun leh sabhai jin prem keeo tin hee prabh paio ||9||29||

Of what use it is if one sits and meditates like a crane with his eyes closed. If he takes bath at holy places upto the seventh sea, he loses this world and also the next world. He spends his life in such performing evil actions and wastes his life in such pursuits. I speak Truth, all should turn their ears towards it: he, who is absorbed in True Love, he would realize the Lord. 9.29.

kaahoo lai paahan pooj dharayo sir kaahoo lai li(n)g gare laTakaio || kaahoo lakhio har avaachee dhisaa meh kaahoo pachhaeh ko sees nivaio || kouoo butaan ko poojat hai pas kouoo mritaan ko poojan dhaio || koor kriaa urajhio sabh hee jag sree bhagavaan ko bhedh na paio ||10||30||

Someone worshipped stone and placed it on his head. Someone hung the phallus (lingam) from his neck. Someone visualized God in the South and someone bowed his head towards the West. Some fool worships the idols and someone goes to worship the dead. The whole world is entangled in false rituals and has not known the secret of Lord-God 10.30.

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