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Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtothram - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtothram PDF in English to all of you. Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtothram is one of the amazing hymns dedicated to the goddess Mahalakshmi. It will be very helpful for you to worship Goddess Lakshmi and get her grace.

Devotees should meditate on Mother Lakshmi and recite Shri Mahalakshmi Suprabhatam. To get all kinds of material pleasures in life, one should perform Mahalakshmi Poojan with full devotion. By continuously worshipping Shri Mahalakshmi, happiness and peace remain in your life.

Mother Lakshmi ji bestows special grace on her devotees through the regular recitation of Shri Mahalakshmi Ashtothra. This Ashtothram removes all the troubles from the life of the devotees. Goddess Lakshmi showers a lot of money to the devotees who recite this with a sincere heart.

Shri Mahalakshmi Ashtothram PDF

Sr. No.

“Sri Rasthu”

Shri Lakshmi Astothra Sadha Naamavali

1. Aum Prakruthyai Namah
2. Aum Vikruthyai Namah
3. Aum Vidyaayai Namah
4. Aum Sarvabhoothahithapradayai Namah
5. Aum Shraddhayai Namah
6. Aum Vibhuthyai Namah
7. Aum Surabhyai Namah
8. Aum Paramatmikaayai Namah
9. Aum Vache Namah
10. Aum Padmalayaayai Namah
11. Aum Padmaayai Namah
12 Aum Shuchaye Namah
13. Aum Swahaayai Namah
14. Aum Swadhaayai Namah
15. Aum Sudhaayai Namah
16. Aum Dhanyaayai Namah
17. Aum Hiranmaiyai Namah
18. Aum Lakshmaiyai Namah
19. Aum Nityapushtayai Namah
20. Aum Vibhavaryai Namah
21. Aum Adhithyai Namah
22. Aum Dheethyai Namah
23. Aum Deepthaayai Namah
24. Aum Vasudhaayai Namah
25. Aum Vasudhaarinyai Namah
26. Aum Kamalaayai Namah
27. Aum Kaanthayai Namah
28. Aum Kaamakshyai Namah
29. Aum Kamala sambhavaayai Namah
30. Aum Anugrahapradhaayai Namah
31. Aum Buddhaiyai Namah
32. Aum Anaghaayai Namah
33. Aum Harivallabhaayai Namah
34. Aum Ashokaayai Namah
35. Aum Amruthaayai Namah
36. Aum Deepaayai Namah
37. Aum Lokashoka vinashinyai Namah
38. Aum Dharmanilayaayai Namah
39. Aum Karunaayai Namah
40. Aum Lokamatre Namah
41. Aum Padmapriyaayai Namah
42. Aum Padmahasthaayai Namah
43. Aum Padmakshyai Namah
44. Aum Padmasundariyai Namah
45. Aum Padmodbhavaayai Namah
46. Aum Padmamukhyai Namah
47. Aum Padmanabha priyaayai Namah
48. Aum Ramaayai Namah
49. Aum Padmamalaadharaayai Namah
50. Aum Deviyai Namah
51. Aum Padminiyai Namah
52. Aum Padmagandhinyai Namah
53. Aum Punyagandhaayai Namah
54. Aum Suprasannaayai Namah
55. Aum Prasadabhi mukhyai Namah
56. Aum Prabhaayai Namah
57. Aum Chandravadhanaayai Namah
58. Aum Chandraayai Namah
59. Aum Chandrasahodharyai Namah
60. Aum Chaturbhujaayai Namah
61. Aum Chandrarupaayai Namah
62. Aum Indiraayai Namah
63. Aum Indhu sheethalaayai Namah
64. Aum Ahlaadha jananvaya Namah
65. Aum Pushtyai Namah
66. Aum Shivaayai Namah
67. Aum Shivakariyai Namah
68. Aum Satyaayai Namah
69. Aum Vimalaayai Namah
70. Aum Vishwajananyai Namah
71. Aum Dhustyai Namah
72. Aum Dharidriya naashinyai Namah
73. Aum Preethi Pushkarinyai Namah
74. Aum Shanathayai Namah
75. Aum Shuklamaalyaambharaayai Namah
76. Aum Bhaskaryai Namah
77. Aum Bilva nilayaayai Namah
78. Aum Vararohaayai Namah
79. Aum Yashaswinyai Namah
80. Aum Vasundharaayai Namah
81. Aum Udhaarangaayai Namah
82. Aum Harinyai Namah
83. Aum Hemamalinyai Namah
84. Aum Dhana dhanyakaryai Namah
85. Aum Siddhayai Namah
86. Aum Sthraina Soumyaayai Namah
87. Aum Shubhapradaayai Namah
88. Aum Nrubavema gathanandhayai Namah
89. Aum Varalakshmaiyai Namah
90. Aum Vasupradhaayai Namah
91. Aum Shubhaayai Namah
92. Aum Hiranya praakaaraayai Namah
93. Aum Samudhra dhanaayayai Namah
94. Aum Jayaayai Namah
95. Aum Mangalaayai Namah
96. Aum Vishnuvakshah Sthalasdhithaayai Namah
97. Aum Vishnupathnyai Namah
98. Aum Prasannaakshyai Namah
99. Aum Narayana Samashrithayai Namah
100. Aum Dharidriya Dhwamsinyai Namah
101. Aum Devlakshmi Namah
102. Aum Sarva padhrava nivaarinyai Namah
103. Aum Navadurgaayai Namah
104. Aum Mahakaalyai Namah
105. Aum Brahma-Vishnu-Shivathmikaayai Namah
106. Aum Thrikaalagyanasampannaayai Namah
107. Aum Bhuvaneshwaryai Namah
108. Aum MahaaLakshmi Astothra sadha Namah

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