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Greetings to all, today we are going to upload the Silk Road Class 11 Questions And Answers PDF To assist students in studying and preparing for their exams. we have provided NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill Reading Skills Chapter 8 Silk Road. All the textbook queries are answered in plain English so that students may readily understand the narrative. These NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English might assist students to gain a better knowledge of the ideas.
NCERT English Solutions for Class 11 Hornbill Reading Skills Chapter 8 answers questions about all of the topics covered in this chapter. Students can use the links given at the end of this article to access and download the NCERT Solutions Class 11 English pdf for free. The author has interestingly explained the story, causing the readers’ interest in the novel to grow. Students can effortlessly download the solutions from the provided links and begin practicing offline to obtain a competitive advantage.

Detailed Table of Chapter 8 – Silk Road Class 11 Questions and Answers PDF

1. Board CBSE
2. subject English
3. Chapter 8
4. Class 11th
5. Title of the Chapter Silk Road
6. Author
Nick Middleton

Silk Road Class 11 Questions And Answers PDF

1. The article has been titled ‘Silk Road.’
The article was titled Silk Road because the author was traveling through the mountains where the ancient Silk Road used to pass, connecting Tibet to China.
2. Tibetan mastiffs were popular in China’s imperial courts.
Tibetan mastiffs were ferocious and watchful guard dogs. When the author’s vehicle entered the property, they chased it down without fear. As a result, they were presented to the Chinese imperial court as a form of tribute from Tibet.
3. The author’s experience at Hor was in stark contrast to earlier accounts of the place.
The author’s experience at Hor contrasted with travel accounts such as those of Kawaguchi and Hedin, who were overcome by the beauty and serenity of the lake and cried. The author observed a neglected Hor with sparse vegetation, a rocky and dusty landscape, and discarded waste in the surrounding area.
4. The author was disappointed with Darchen.
When they arrived in Darchen, the author couldn’t sleep due to a cold, so he sought treatment from a Tibetan doctor. When he looked around the next day, he noticed there were no pilgrims, which was a major disadvantage for his future journey.
5. The author thought that his positive thinking strategy worked well after all.
When the author discovered no pilgrims in Darchen, he began to doubt his positive thinking. But, by chance, he ran into Norbu, who had also come to do kora. He was a professor in Beijing. When he suggested that they both form a team, the author realized that his positive thinking had paid off after all.

Silk Road Class 11 Questions And Answers PDF – Briefly explained

1. The author’s meeting with Norbu.
Norbu and the author met by chance in Darchen’s cafe. When Norbu noticed the author reading an English novel, he struck up a conversation, and they soon realized they were both headed for Korba. They decided to form a group.
2. Tsetan’s support to the author during the journey.
Tsetan drove the author from Ravu to Darchen in his four-wheel-drive vehicle. He manoeuvred his way through the snowy terrain. When the author became ill, he also took him to the Darchen medical college. Throughout, Tsetan was a dependable and approachable companion.
3. The purpose of the author’s journey to Mount Kailash.
The author’s trip to Mount Kailash was part of a self-improvement program. The author wanted to boost his positive thinking, so he went on a pilgrimage called the kora.
4. The author’s physical condition in Darchen.
At Darchen, one of the author’s nostrils became blocked. When he tried to sleep, he got up because his chest felt uneasy, though it was fine once he sat up. When he discovered he couldn’t lie down, he tried sleeping by leaning against a wall, but he became afraid of falling asleep due to his breathing problem. He felt better after taking the medication.
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