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Shitala Satam Story/Vrat Katha PDF Summary

Dear readers, here we are presenting Shitala Satam Story/Vrat Katha PDF in English to all of you. You can get freedom from many types of diseases by reciting them. Sheetla Satam is celebrated with great enthusiasm as a very important festival in Gujarat. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Sheetla Mata.

It is believed that Goddess Shitala protects her devotees and their families from insurmountable diseases like measles and smallpox. Therefore, in Gujarat and other places, this fast is observed on different occasions in the year to get the blessings of Goddess Shitala Mata. Food is not cooked at home on this fast.

The food that is eaten on the day of Shitala Satam should be cold and stale. That’s why most Gujarati families prepare a special meal on the previous day a day before Sheetla Satam which is known as Randhan Chhath Vrat Katha PDF. Shitala Satam Vrat is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. For example, in North Indian states, this festival is celebrated just after Holi, which is known as Basoda.

Shitala Satam Story/Vrat Katha PDF in English :

Once there lived a pious and virtuous king named Indrayumna whose wife was Pramila. The noble couple had a daughter named Shubhakari who was married to Gunvan, the prince of a neighboring country. The royal household of Indrayumna was observed Sheetala Saptami vrat with great devotion year on year. Once, Shubakari had visited her mother’s home during the eve of Sheetala Saptami. On the day of the festival, she left for a lake in their kingdom along with her friends to observe the Sheetala Saptami Vrat.

The group lost its way and was asking for help to reach the lake. During that time, an old woman came there and guided the group to the lake. She also assisted the group to observe the Sheetala Saptami vrat. Later they realized that it was Sheetala Mata who had guided them. The puja of Sheetala Devi happened so very well and Mother Sheetala Devi was so pleased with the devotion of Shubakari and granted her a boon. But, Shubakari said she would ask for the boon when she wanted it.

On their way back home after the Sheetala Saptami puja at the lake, Shubakari found a poor Brahmin family grieving over the death of the Brahmin due to a snake bite. Shubakari remembered the boon granted by the goddess and now she prayed the goddess to bring the Brahmin back to life. When the Brahmin came back to life for the joy of all at home, all those living in the kingdom also understood the efficacy of Sheetala Saptami vrat and therefore started observing the vrat year on year with great devotion.

How to Do Shitala Satam Puja/Shitala Satam Puja Vidhi in English :

  • On the day of Shitla Saptami, one should take a bath first thing in the morning and wear neat and clean clothes.
  • After that prepare Bhog for the Goddess. Sweet olia which is made from rice, Khaja which is made from maida or flour, Churma, Shakarpare, Magad Laddu, Chikki, Malpue, Pakori, Rabri, Bajra, Roti, Puri, vegetable, etc. should be prepared a day in advance.
  • Whatever is to be offered as Bhog to Goddess Shitla should not be eaten at all before worship.
  • Nine Sikore (also called Kandwar, it is a small bowl made of clay), an ax, and a lamp should be purchased for the worship of Shitla Saptami.
  • For Pujan, take Sikore on a plate, serve some curd, Rabri, rice made of Olia, Pua, Roti, Pakodi, Namakpare, Shakarpare, sprouts, bajra, and anything else that is made. Next take another plate and place all items related to Shringar such as rice, Roli, Moli, turmeric, Mehndi, Kajal, clothes, and a coin for the Goddess.
  • Then  place a jar of water,
  • Make a Diya from the dough and place a Ghee lamp in it. Offer this lamp without lighting to Shitl/86 Mata.
  • Mata Sheetla should be worshiped in the temple, if it is not possible to go to the temple then she can be worshiped at home also.

Shitala Mata Aarti Lyrics in English

Shri Shitala Mata Ki Aarti

Jai Shitala Mata,Maiya Jai Shitala Mata।

Adi Jyoti MaharaniSaba Phala Ki Data॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Ratana Simhasana Shobhita,Shweta Chhatra Bhata।

Riddhi-Siddhi Chanwara Dolaven,Jagamaga Chhavi Chhata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Vishnu Sevata Thadhen,Seven Shiva Dhata।

Veda Purana VaranataPara Nahin Pata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Indra Mridanga BajawataChandra Vina Hatha।

Suraja Tala BajavaiNarada Muni Gata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Ghanta Shankha ShahanaiBajai Mana Bhata।

Karai Bhakta Jana AartiLakhi Lakhi Harshata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Brahma Rupa VaradaniTuhi Tina Kala Gyata।

Bkaktana Ko Sukha DetiMatu Pita Bhrata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Jo Jana Dhyana LagavePrema Shakti Pata।

Sakala Manoratha PaveBhavanidhi Tara Jata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Rogon Se Jo Pidita KoiSharana Teri Ata।

Kodhi Pave Nirmala KayaAndha Netra Pata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Banjha Putra Ko PaveDaridra Kata Jata।

Tako Bhajai Jo NahinSira Dhuni Pachhatata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Shitala Karati Jana KiTu Hi Hai Jaga Trata।

Utpatti Bala BinashanaTu Saba Ki Mata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

Dasa NarayanaKara Jori Mata।

Bhakti Apani DijaiAura Na Kuchha Mata॥

Om Jai Shitala Mata…।

What not to do on Shitala Satam?

  • Do not consume food that is hot.
  • Take a bath with cold water only.
  • Ony food which is prepared a day before should be consumed.
  • Food should not be reheated.
  • Gas should be worshipped and should not be lit on this day.

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Shitala Satam Story/Vrat Katha pdf

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