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Hello friends, today we are going to upload SGFI Calendar 2022 PDF to help you all. Games should be an integral part of today’s life. Every people should participate in games throughout life. And this habit should be started from childhood. Schools should be aware of this. They should arrange various games for children.
And this practice is very popular now. Schools are very serious about their roles to introduce games in their institution. So these games and their tournaments need a council to regulate everything. This type of advice is in India i.e. School Games Federation of India.

SGFI Calendar 2022 PDF- Details

Primary Objective of School Games Federation of India

The main work or objectives of the School Games Federation of India are as follows,

  • Promotion of all types of games which are played in various tournaments like OlympicsAsian GamesCommon Wealth Games and also some regional games championships.
  • They want to ensure the physical welfare of the boys and girls at the school level in India.
  • They generally coordinate all kinds of school sports activities in school in India.
  • SGFI holds trial matches and gives certificates to young boys and girls for their performances in Zonal, National, and International sports to keep up their spirit.
  • They always try to increase more and more participation number in International sports events which are organized by the International School Sports FederationAsian School Sports Federation, etc.
  • They give coaching, training, and proper refresher courses to promote the games and sports in schools.
  • Special coaching camps are organized for young boys and girls to improve their ability and compete on the bigger platform.
  • They give thorough technical guidance to children of young age to grow their talent and achieve higher goals in life.
  • SGFI gives financial assistance to young players so that they can continue pursuing their dream and don’t get dropped out. And central government and state government help them in this endeavor.
  • They set the perfect rules and regulations for registration as well as the games so that the players get accustomed to the bigger and strict environment.
  • SGFI seeks affiliations with national and international bodies so that they are recognized.
  • They send invitations to schools to participate in their tournaments and also renowned officials to help them arrange the whole phenomenon.
  • They also try to arrange foreign trips to ensure that the young players get familiar with the environments of away matches except for their home grounds.
  • They arrange various meetings with International governing bodies to take their initiative one step higher.
  • SGFI develop the character and attitude of a student as they are the future of this country.

You can download the SGFI Calendar 2022 PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Download SGFI Calendar 2022 PDF using below link

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