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Sabitri Brata Bahi Assamese - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering to provide Sabitri Brata Bahi PDF for all of you. Sabitri Brata is a very important part of Sabitri Brata because it said the one who doesn’t recite the Sabitri Brata Bahi cant get the complete result of the fast. The Sabitri Brata Bahi is recited and listened to from ancient times.
Savitri Vrat is observed in the Odisha state as a Sabitri Brata. Odisha is one of the states of India. It is known as the 9th largest state of India. Sabitri Brata is known for its tribal cultures and is famous for Festivals, Melas, Bratas, Osha, and Pujas. Sabitri Brata also known as Sabitri Os.
It is very fruitful to recite this Brata Bahi on the day of Sabitri Amavasya. Sabitri Brata is a story that tells how a wife brings back home her dead husband by fighting with the mighty Yamraj. All Odia women irrespective of caste and creed celebrate this day consistently with much faith.

Sabitri Brata Bahi PDF – The Story Behind Sabitri Brata

The Sabitri Brata was named by lord Sabitri, the beautiful daughter of Madra Desa king Aswapati. Sabitri selected Satyaban as her life partner. Satyaban lives in the forest with his blind father Dyumatsen. Sabitri left her Palace and lived with her husband and the in-laws in the forest. As her wife, she went to the forest to take care of them. One day Satyaban was cutting some woods in the forest, Satyaban’s head reeled and he fell down. Then the death of God Yamraj appeared to take away his soul. Sabitri pleaded to Yamraj not to separate from her husband, if he take away the soul she would also follow. Yamraj is moved by the devotion of Sabitri and returned the life of her husband. Yama is implored by Sabitri when he is about to leave his body and due to her determination and devotion to her husband, she wins him back to life and Satyaban regains his life.

Book Name Sabitri Brata Bahi
Page no 7
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Language Odia
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