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Rajasthan Budget 2022 PDF Summary

Friends, here we are going to offer Rajasthan Budget 2022 PDF to help you. In Rajasthan, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot presented the fourth budget of his tenure on Wednesday. In the budget, the Chief Minister has given gifts to the people of Rajasthan in every aspect including women, youth, elderly, employment, education, technology, infrastructure, and industry.

With the announcement of the implementation of the Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme in urban areas, he talked about providing 100 days of employment on the lines of MNREGA in urban areas in the coming year. The government will bear the expenditure of Rs 800 crore in this head. With this, it has been announced to increase employment from 100 days to 125 days in MNREGA. On this, the state government will bear the expenditure of 700 crores.

Rajasthan Budget 2022 PDF – Highlights

Sr. no Particular Details
1. Population 7,72,64,000 (2019 est.)
68,548,437 (2011)
2. CM of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot
3. GDP ₹11.42 lakh crore (2021-2022)
4. GDP per capita ₹109,386 (US$1,500) (2020-21)
5. Unemployment 18.6% (Nov 2020)
6. Budget balance ₹−33,923 crore (US$−4.5 billion) (3% of GSDP) (2020–21 est.)
7. Revenues ₹1.80 lakh crore (US$24 billion) (2020–21 est.)

Rajasthan Budget 2022 PDF Download Links

Sr. No. Download PDF Links
1. Budget Speech 2022-2023
2. Press Note – Hindi
3. Press Note – English
4. Budget Notification
5. Finance Bill
6. Volume 1 : Summary Volume
7. Volume 2a : Revenue Receipts Volume
8. Volume 2b : Revenue Expenditure-General Services
9. Volume 2c : Revenue Expenditure-Social Services
10. Volume 2d : Revenue Expenditure-Economic Services
11. Volume 3a : Capital Expenditure
12. Volume 3b : Public Debt, Loan, Public Account Volume
13. Volume 4a : Post Volume
14. Volume 4b : Grant/Loan/Investment
15. Volume 4c : Details of PWD Works Part I
16. Volume 4c : Details of PWD Works Part II-1
17. Volume 4c : Details of PWD Works Part II-2
18. Volume 4c : Details of PWD Works Part II-3
19. Volume 4c : Details of PWD Works Part II-4
20. Volume 4c : Details of PWD Works Part II-5
21. Volume 4c : Details of PWD Works Part II-6
22. Volume 4c : Details of PWD Works Part II-7
23. Volume 4d : Agriculture Budget
24. Budget related Analytical Statement
25. FRBM Document
26. Budget at a Glance 2022-2023
27. Budget Study 2022-2023
28. Economic Review 2021-22 – Hindi
29. Economic Review 2021-22 – English
30. राजस्थान कृषि बजट 2022: किसानों के हित में क्या है बजट में खास, जाने एक नजर में

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