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Hello everyone, today we are going to upload Quran Para 3 PDF for the help of all the devotees. Reading the Quran is an integral part of the life of a good Muslim. Most practicing Muslims regularly recite the Qur’an.
This is a very good deed, which should be appreciated by all, especially our fellow human beings. However, some Muslims think that reading the Qur’an cannot be effective if they do not know the meaning of what they are reading. However, this is a misconception.

Quran Para 3 PDF- Recitation is Important For Muslims?

Yunus [10:61] And you are not (engaged) in any affair, nor do you recite concerning it any portion of the Quran, nor do you do any work but We are witnesses over you when you enter into it, and there does not lie concealed from your Lord the weight of an atom in the earth or in the heaven, nor anything less than that nor greater, but it is in a clear book.
Of course, the Quran recitation has certain manners and ethics. These manners and ethics are both physical and spiritual. The physical manners of the recitation of the Quran are very simple.
1. Be clean. A person should do ‘ghusl’ or at least ablution before the Quran recitation. It should essentially be mentioned here that the ablution is not Farz (compulsory) for the recitation. However, it is a practice among Muslims to do it anyway out of respect.
2. A person should cover his or her ‘satar’ properly before the Quran recitation.
The spiritual manners of the Quran recitation are mentioned below in the following two verses of the Quran.
1. Al-Araf [7:204] And when the Quran is recited, then listen to it and remain silent, that mercy may be shown to you.
2. An-Nahl [16:98] So when you recite the Quran, seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan,
Undoubtedly, in the Quran, Allah Almighty has explained everything in an extremely elaborate way. The verses might be concise but they never fail to convey the minutest of details.
About the Quran recitation, one must make sure that it is done in the proper way. The angel Jibril used to recite the Quran to our prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) used to convey the Quran to his companions in the best form of recitation. Allah Almighty has also said in the Quran that the Quran recitation should be done in a proper way. Consider the part of a verse given below.
Al-Muzzammil [73:4] and recite the Quran as it ought to be recited.
Our prophet used to recite the Quran to the people around him. Allah Almighty had given him the responsibility of passing the message. If people did not respond that was their own choice. This is the strategy of the Quran recitation, which is explained, in the following verse. Every Muslim should also keep this strategy of Quran recitation in mind.
An-Naml [27:92] And that I should recite the Quran. Therefore whoever goes aright, he goes aright for his own soul, and whoever goes ‘ astray, then say: I am only one of the warners.
The rewards of Quran recitation are manifold. However, one of the biggest rewards is given in the Quran.
Al-Isra [17:45] And when you recite the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter a hidden barrier.
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Quran Para 3 pdf

Quran Para 3 PDF Download Link

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