Project on Disaster Management for Class 9 PDF

Project on Disaster Management for Class 9 PDF Download

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Project on Disaster Management for Class 9 - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering Project on Disaster Management for Class 9 PDF to all of you. Disaster Management means saving the most possible lives and property. It also refers to helping others during any kind of natural calamity or man-made disaster.
Disaster management has played a very vital role in the bad time previously and also saved many lives during life-threatening events in history. The expected inputs, areas of intervention and agencies to be involved at the National, State, and district levels have been identified and listed in the roadmap. This roadmap has been shared with all the State Governments and Union Territory Administrations.

Project on Disaster Management for Class 9 PDF

The Disaster Management Act of 2005 defines Disaster Management as an integrated process of planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing measures which are necessary for1. Prevention of threat of any disaster
2. Reduction of risk of any disaster or its consequences
3. Readiness to deal with any disaster
4. Promptness in dealing with a disaster
5. Assessing the severity of the effects of any disaster
6. Rescue and relief
7. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Topic of the Project – Drought in Maharashtra

Guidelines for Submitting the Project

  1. Use A4 size sheets
  2. It should be a handwritten project (blue or black pen should be used)
  3. You can use newspaper clippings, maps, diagrams and material from the web
  4. Each illustration should be supported with a write-up/relevance to the topic
  5. The cover page should be written in bold letters with the topic, name and roll number

Follow the sequence of pages as given below:
a. Acknowledgement
b. Index
c. Define disaster and its types (describe in 2 pages with illustrations)*
d. Causes of drought (illustrations)*
e. Extent of damage to agriculture (illustrations)*
f. Who is responsible (illustrations)*
g. Steps taken by the Govt. to combat drought (illustrations)*
h. Organisations working to help the farmers (illustrations)*
i. Lessons learnt (illustrations)*
j. Dos and don’ts for next time to avoid such disasters
k. Bibliography
*Maps, pictures, graphs, etc.
6. Use a hardbound cover pocket file or get your project spiral bound.

Things to Be Kept in Mind While Doing the Project

Follow CBSE guidelines strictly.

  • Firstly, USE A-4 size file paper (one side ruled)
  • Secondly, Use blue or black ink to write your project.
  • Thirdly, design the cover page in such a way that it reflects your topic.
  • Fourthly, write Topic of the project, Name, Class and Sec, Roll no. on the cover page in bold letters.
  • Use bottom space for your Name, Class and sec, Roll no.
  • However, the project work should not be less than 15 pages (including the cover page)
  • Be ready for Viva or a written assignment based on your project.
  • Utilize summer vacation / Lock downtime to complete your project.
  • Lastly, do not use plastic covers.

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