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Physical Activity Trainer Class 10 Book PDF Summary

Dear readers, here we are presenting the Physical Activity Trainer Class 10 Book PDF to all of you. Physical Activity is one of the most important parts of our education system because without a sound body you can not have a sound mind. After the COVID – 19 pandemic people became more aware of physical fitness.
Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between brain development and exercising. Many people see physical education as physical activity or games. So If you are also a student and want to learn about Physical Activity Training then you can learn it from this pdf.

Physical Activity Trainer Class 10 Book PDF

  • Physical Education is a comprehensive concept and its scope is very wide. It is not limited to mere physical activities or physical exercises. It includes all aspects leading to the holistic development of an individual. It is a very vast field and considers all facets of human activity.
  • Physical education has the potential not only to touch the lives of individuals but also to form an important and enduring part of the culture in which we live.
  • Physical Education is no longer focused on the students who attend school or college but encompasses all the segments of the population regardless of age, sex, physical ability, or physical status. Physical education programs are no longer restricted to training and developing skilled athletes or players but are expanding to meet the needs and interests of the entire population.
  • Hence, the role of a Physical Activity Facilitator is no more only limited to conducting regular physical activities. They are expected to do a host of activities within the ambit of the educational organization. They can be broadly divided into four parts:
(i) Service Program
(ii) Intramural Program
(iii) Extramural Program
(iv) Fitness and Recreational Programs.
  • Service Program:

This program lays emphasis on the instructional aspect. Besides providing knowledge about physical education, it also provides knowledge about health and hygiene, nature and environment, and sociological, biological, and psychological principles of physical education.

  • Intramural Program:

This program provides an opportunity to develop skills through physical activities within a group, a club, a society, a community, a village, or an institution.

  • Extramural program:

It provides the opportunity for interaction through competition between groups, clubs, societies, communities, villages, and institutions.

  • Fitness and recreational program:

Programs that provide fun, thrill, action, activity, and skill to the individuals enabling them to meet their 12
individual needs of fitness and wellbeing.
Keeping in view the requirement of the individuals and the groups, the following activities have been included in the physical education programs:

Athletics: All the tracks and field events i.e. running, jumping and
Individual Games: Table tennis, badminton, squash, etc.
Team Games: Hockey, football, kabaddi, kho-kho, cricket, etc.
Combative and Self Defensive Games: Boding, judo, wrestling, fencing, horse riding, etc.
Aquatics: Swimming, diving, water polo, etc.
Minor Games/ Free Play: Carom, Chinese chequer, chess, dog and bone, dodge ball, etc.
Gymnastics: Roman rings, vaulting horse, parallel bars, etc.
Corrective and Rehabilitative Exercises: Exercises prescribed by the Doctor for defect or injury correction e.g., flat foot, round shoulder, knock-knees, etc.
Folk Dances: Gidha, bhangra, jhumer, garbha, etc.
Traditional Exercises: Dand-baithaks, malkhamb, pyramids, etc.
Recreational Activities: Games and activities for relaxation, amusement and proper utilization of leisure time.
Adventurous Activities: Excursions, tours, trips, camps, mountaineering, hiking trekking, etc.
Demonstrations: Drills, march pasts, formations, etc.

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Physical Activity Trainer Class 10 Book pdf

Physical Activity Trainer Class 10 Book PDF Download Link

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