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Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence PDF Summary

Dear readers, here we are offering Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence PDF to all of you. It is an act to regulate the profession of pharmacy whereas it is expedient to make better provisions for the regulation of the profession and practice of pharmacy and for that purpose to constitute the Pharmacy Council. The Act was promulgated in the Year 1948. The PCI was first constituted in the year 1949 and reconstituted every 5 years. From a modern perspective, a pharmacist is regarded as a member of the health care team or an essential component of the health system.
The primary obligation of pharmacy is to safeguard public health by making available the right medicaments. Medicines are of vital importance and hence their handling, compounding, dispensing and storage, etc, need a thorough and specialized knowledge, skill, and training of the personnel called pharmacists. The desired knowledge, skill, and training are provided through the pharmacy courses.

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence PDF – Pharmacy Council Of India

In January 2015, the Pharmacy Council of India published the new pharmacy practice regulations 2015 to regulate pharmacy in India. The important provisions are:

  • a) The drugs can be dispensed only by a qualified registered pharmacist.
  • b) Registered pharmacists shall not give their registration certificate at more than one pharmacy.
  • c) Registered pharmacists shall also comply with the dress code by wearing a white coat and apron with a badge displaying their name and registration number.
  • d) Every registered pharmacist shall dispense only those medicines as prescribed by the registered medical practitioner.
  • e) Every registered pharmacist shall maintain the medical or prescription records pertaining to the patients for a period of 5 years from the date of commencement of the treatment as per regulations.
  • f) Pharmacists should promote the rational use of drugs.
  • g) Other guidelines regarding the ethical conduct of pharmacists.

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence PDF – Objectives

  • Regulating and Raising the Status of the Profession of Pharmacy in India.
  • Providing uniform education and training to the persons willing to enter the profession of Pharmacy.
  • Maintaining control over the persons entering the profession of Pharmacy.
  • To constituent ‘Pharmacy Council of India’ for setting new standards in ‘Pharmacy Education’.
  • To provide constitution and functions of ‘State Pharmacy Council’ for registration of pharmacists.
  • To regulate the activities of pharmacists

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Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence pdf

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