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Dear readers, here we are offering Periodic Table PDF in Gujarati to all of you. One of the most important topics in the subject of chemistry is the Periodic Table. But when students are asked about Periodic Table in Hindi in school or in general knowledge questions, due to lack of knowledge, they are unable to answer it, which becomes a big problem for children. For a long time ago, scientists have been trying to organize the elements in a systematic and simple form. In this direction Dobereiner (1817), J. A. R. Newland (1864), D. Contributions of I. Mendeleev (1869) and Lothar Meyer (1870) are very important. In 1869, a Russian scientist, Dmitri Dvanovich Mendeleev, introduced a very useful and simple concept for chemists. He told that if elements are written in the order of their atomic mass, there is a clear periodicity in their properties.

Periodic Table PDF in Gujarati

Periodic Table PDF in Gujarati

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