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Dear readers, here we are offering Paradise Lost Book 1 PDF to you. The pronunciations presented here are not necessarily definitive but are a starting place. Many are choices based on the meter of the line, showing how a word might be pronounced in an attempt to maintain the pentameter.

In some cases these pronunciations are quite extreme: witness “ceremony – disyllabic (if possible!). Also, I have attempted to give pronunciations to all “unfamiliar” words, or words whose pronunciation isn’t immediately obvious from spelling. Not all proper nouns required transcription: “Taurus” seems familiar enough.

Paradise Lost Book 1 PDF

They heard, and were abashed, and up they sprung
Upon the wing, as when men wont to watch
On duty, sleeping found by whom they dread,
Rouse and bestir themselves ere well awake.
335 Nor did they not perceive the evil plight
In which they were, or the fierce pains not feel;
Yet to their General’s voice they soon obeyed
Innumerable. As when the potent rod
Of Amram’s45 son, in Egypt’s evil day,
340 Waved round the coast, up-called a pitchy cloud
Of locusts, warping on the eastern wind,
That o’er the realm of impious46 Pharaoh hung
Like Night, and darkened all the land of Nile;
So numberless were those bad Angels seen
345 Hovering on wing under the cope of Hell,
‘Twixt upper, nether, and surrounding fires;
Till, as a signal given, th’ uplifted spear
Of their great Sultan waving to direct
Their course, in even balance down they light
350 On the firm brimstone, and fill all the plain:
A multitude like which the populous North
Poured never from her frozen loins to pass
Rhene47 or the Danaw48, when her barbarous sons
Came like a deluge on the South, and spread
Beneath Gibraltar49 355 to the Libyan sands.
Forthwith, from every squadron and each band,
The heads and leaders thither haste where stood
Their great Commander–godlike Shapes, and Forms
Excelling human; princely Dignities;
And Powers that erst50 360 in Heaven sat on thrones,
Though on their names in Heavenly records now
Be no memorial, blotted out and razed
By their rebellion from the Books of Life.
Nor had they yet among the sons of Eve
365 Got them new names, till, wand’ring o’er the earth,
Through God’s high sufferance for the trial of man,
By falsities and lies the greatest part

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Paradise Lost Book 1 pdf

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