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Outcomes of Democracy Class 10 - Description

1. Board CBSE
2. Textbook NCERT
3. Class Class 10
4. Subject  Notes
5. Chapter Civics Chapter 7
6. Chapter Name Outcomes of Democracy
7. Category CBSE Revision Notes

Outcomes of Democracy Class 10 PDF

Outcomes Of Democracy
Democracy can be considered a better form of government because:

  • It Promotes equality among citizens
  • Every individual is prioritized and hence enhances their trust.
  • The quality of decision-making is enhanced.
  • Provides a method to resolve conflicts
  • Allows room to correct mistakes

Democracy is a form of government that can only provide conditions to achieve the goals but it is the citizens who should properly utilize those goals.
Accountable, Responsive, and Legitimate Government

  1. Whenever there is possibility and necessity, citizens should be able to participate in decision-making, which affects them all.
  2. Democracy frames a government that is accountable to all the citizens and meets their expectations too.
  3. Democracy can sometimes create a less efficient government. It is certainly true that non-democratic rulers do not have to bother about deliberation in assemblies or worry about majorities and public opinion and hence have less restrain over their actions.
  4. Democratic is more based on deliberation and negotiations and hence decision-making can take a lot of time since they keep everyone into consideration. These decisions are better welcomed by the citizens and mostly bear fruitful results.

Economic Growth and Development

  1. If we consider all democracies and all dictatorships for the fifty years between 1950 and 2000, dictatorships have a slightly higher rate of economic growth.
  2. A democratic form of government does have the inability to achieve higher economic development.
  3. The economic development of a country depends on:

Economic Outcomes of Democracy
Countries having dictatorship as a primary form of government have more economic growth, compared to democracy.
About 20 percent of the population takes up more than 60 percent of the world population in democratic countries like Brazil and South Africa.
Reduction of Inequality and Poverty
Democratic governments shouldn’t focus on growing economically but on reducing economic disparities that exist between rich and poor. Poverty is a topic not well addressed by democratic governments as can be noted in countries like Bangladesh where more than half of its population lives in poverty.
Accommodation of Social Diversity

  • No society can fully and permanently resolve conflicts among different groups but these differences should be respected in a culturally diverse society.
  • These two conditions must be met by a democracy:
    • The majority and minority should work together. Opinions of both must be respected for the smooth functioning of the government.
    • Rule by a ruling party shouldn’t become rule by the majority community.

Outcomes of Democracy Notes: Definition
As stated earlier, the various outcomes of democracy are understood through the political, economic, and social aspects of a country. This is because a democratic government is founded on the grounds of the involvement of the population of a country. The population at large gets to decide who they want to vote for and represent their country with.
It is a sharp contrast to the government practice of dictatorship, as practiced in North Korea. A dictatorship is a form of government where the entire nation or country is represented by one primary leader, called the dictator. He is responsible for all of the country’s decisions concerning its population.
Outcomes of Democracy Class 10 – Three Major Aspects
While discussing the three major aspects of a country based on which a democratic government operates, two fundamental questions regarding its outcomes arise. The most obvious one being “What are the outcomes of democracy?” and the other being “How can one examine the outcomes of democracy?” Therefore, when you proceed with the notes of Outcomes of Democracy, these two questions shall be answered in detail.
To state it briefly, the form of a functional democratic government is to improve a nation’s socio-economic environment through multiple ways such as:

  1. Promoting and practicing equality in the country among its people.
  2. Enhancing an individual’s dignity through the ways of them being in power while selecting their leaders for the country.
  3. Improving decision-making practices by considering various perspectives to conclude.
  4. Resolving internal as well as external conflicts through functional means and methods.
  5. Allowing any mistake to be readdressed and corrected.

Political Outcomes of Democracy
The first aspect while discussing the outcomes of democracy is the political aspect. So, to examine the political outcomes of democracy, it must be understood that the political dimension through which democracy operates is based on the interests of the general population. The government is set up by the citizens through the electoral college and elected representatives. Therefore, the outcomes of democracy concerning the political spectrum are dependent on the power of the citizens of a country.
Similarly, the decision-making of the government is also performed by considering the consensus among the citizens of the country to align their political interests with the interests of the governing body.
Economic Outcomes of Democracy
Although the political regime of a democratic nation is superior to that of a dictatorship in terms of economic status under a democratic government, it is less effective than that of a dictatorship regime. Albeit more preferable to execute, the economic outcomes of democracy are oftentimes vastly unequal and exploitative.
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