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OMG 2 Censor Board Changes List - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering OMG 2 Censor Board Changes List PDF to all of you. Akshay Kumar’s ‘Oh My God 2’ passed by Censor Board with ‘A’ certificate. The film was supposed to release on August 11 along with producer-director Anil Sharma’s film Gadar 2, but now according to reports the release date of the film has been pushed forward. Makers have to do 27 modifications in the film. There is good news for Akshay Kumar’s fans. The film has been passed by the censor board without any cuts. The Censor Board has given the film an A certificate and has asked for more than 20 changes in it. After the release of the A certificate, People under 18 years of age will not be able to watch it.

Now news is coming that the revising committee of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has termed the Akshay Kumar starrer film controversial and has given the film an A certificate. It was being said that the producers of the film are against any change in their film and are not ready to accept the changes suggested by the revision committee of the film.

OMG 2 Censor Board Changes List Overview – Scenes, lines and plot changes to OMG 2

  • The disclaimer at the start has been suitably modified
  • Akshay’s character has been changed from Lord Shiva to his messenger
  • Some dialogues spoken by Akshay’s character have been changed
  • Scenes showing him drunk, bathing and meditating have been modified
  • The setting has been changed from Ujjain to a fictional location
  • Frontal nudity shots have been replaced with appropriate footage of Naga Sadhus
  • References to High Court, shots of judges clicking selfies, lines by a court orderly changed
  • A line about women and temples has been changed as have referenced to ‘mahant’
  • References to Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad, Veda, Draupadi, Pandav, Krishna changed
  • The name of a school has been changed to Savoday
  • Reference to alcohol or madira have been modified
  • A condom billboard has been removed as well as the word ‘rat’ from a poison label
  • “Satya Shivam sundaram” removed from a dialogue, “Shri Tata ji” removed from another
  • Modified a dialogue on “hamara desh peeche nahin hai”
  • Dialogues and scenes related to masturbation and sexual acts changed or deleted
  • Makers asked to submit documentary evidence for sex-related facts quoted in the film

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