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Odia Calendar 2023 PDF Summary

Dear readers, here we are offering Odia Calendar 2023 PDF to all of you. The following Odia Calendar 2023 will prove very helpful for those who are looking for a calendar along with the holidays and festivals. Odia calendar has its own names of months as per the zodiac sign.

Chaitra (Aries), Vaishakh (Taurus), Jyeshtha (Gemini), Ashadh (Cancer), Shravan (Simha), Bhadrapada (Virgo), Ashwin (Libra), Karthik (Scorpio), Margashirsha (Dhanu), Pausha (Capricorn), Magha (Aquarius), Phalgun (Pisces) are the names of the Odia months as per the Kohinoor Odia calendar 2023 PDF that is used mainly in Odisha.

It is based on the solar and lunar-solar calendars. Pandit Shri Krushna Prasad Khadiratna is the creator of Kohinoor Calendar 2023 and all the calculations are prepared by him. Sri Sri Jagannath Ji Mandir is also following this calendar for the past 88 years.

Odia Calendar 2023 PDF / Odia Holiday List PDF


English Month Names

Odia Month Names

Zodiac Signs

1. April – May Baisakha Taurus
2. May – June Jyestha Gemini
3. June – July Asadha Cancer
4. July – August Srabana Simha
5. August – September Bhadraba Virgo
6. September – October Aaswina Libra
7. October – November Kartika Scorpio
8. November – December Margashira Dhanu
9. January  – February Pausha Capricorn
10. February – March Magha Aquarius
11. March – April Phalguna Pisces
12. April – May Chaitra Aries

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Odia Calendar 2023 pdf

Odia Calendar 2023 PDF Download Link

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