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Dear readers, here we are presenting NCC Red Book PDF to all of you. NCC refers to the National Cadet Corps which is the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces. The headquarter of the NCC is situated in New Delhi. Unity and Discipline (एकता और अनुशासन) is the motto of the National Cadet Corps.
Lt. Gen. Gurbirpal Singh is the Director-General of the NCC. National Cadet Corps was founded on 16 April 1948 by the  Government of the United Kingdom and it is actively serving from July 15, 1948, to the present. An NCC Red Book is a very important part of this wing.



  • 1. It is customary for the Chief’s of the Army, Naval and Air Staff and the Director-General NCC to invite approximately 15 officers and 250 NCC cadets to their official residence for a tea party. The function is generally held at 1530 hrs and its duration is approximately one hour.


  • 2. Dir Coord Initiation of a formal request to service Chief’s giving suggested date and time in consultation with secretary RDCSC.
  • 3. Secretary RDCSC Inclusion in camp programs and the issue of criteria for attendance of function.4. Camp Commandant Detailment of officers and cadets strictly as per criteria issued by RD Cell. Where cadet is not available another cadet of the same wing from the same contingent may be detailed. He will also organize briefing, checking o dress, and ensure officers and cadets concerned to reach the venue five minutes before the time. He will also ensure the orderly behavior of the cadets throughout the function.
  • 5. Nominated LO Coordinate and attend the reception of respective service Chiefs, organize a reading of vote of Thanks by a selected and rehearsed cadet.
  • 6. Dress
    (a) OfficersWinter Ceremonial with medal ribbons unless specified otherwise.
    (b) Cadets. Terricot uniform with Jersey pullover unless otherwise specified.
  • 7. Sequence of Actions
    (a) “Fall In” of nominated camp officers and cadets in the embussing area and final briefing
    by the camp Commandant.
    (b) Embussing and arrival at the venue 15 minutes before the time. DGNCC officers and visiting DDsG who are to attend the function will reach the venue directly.
    (c) Debussing, quick forming up, and moving to the venue in an organized manner. Cadets will pay compliments and wish service Chiefs and other hosts and then spread out in small groups.
    (d) Tea and group photographs. No request will be made for individual photographs or
    (e) Reading of vote of Thanks by a cadet as rehearsed earlier, followed by NCC song.
    (f) Bid farewell and thank the host.
    (g) Departure for the debussing area, embossing, and return to camp in a convoy.
    (h) Camp signal Officer will install a PA system in the DG’s residence for a reading vote of Thanks to a cadet on the day of reception at the residence of the DG.

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