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Money And Credit Class 10 Notes - Description

Greetings to all, today we going to give Money And Credit Class 10 Notes PDF to assist all the students as well as teachers. In CBSE Notes Class 10 Economics Chapter 3 – Money and Credit, you will learn modern states of money and how they are connected with the banking system. In the second half of the chapter, you will know about credit and how it affects borrowers, depending upon the condition. So, go via these notes to understand these topics in-depth. Also, you can download these CBSE Notes Class 10 Social Science in pdf format for future reference during your exams.

Money and Credit Short Summary

Chapter 3 – ‘Money and Credit’ of the NCERT Class 10 Economics deals with one of the most important aspects of the Economy, i.e., money and credit. Students will study money as a medium of exchange among people and how credit is distributed among the people in a country. Certain concepts including, Double Coincidence of Wants, Modern Forms of Money, Barter System, and Credit situations, have been discussed in this chapter.
The credit situation in the country and terms of credit have been discussed in detail in this chapter. The formal and the informal sector of loans are given along with examples and case studies and also how the self-help groups help in the development of the country have been given in this chapter.

Detailed Table of the Chapter 3 Notes – Money And Credit Class 10 PDF

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