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Models of Communication PDF Summary

Dear readers, here we are providing Models of Communication PDF to all of you. Models of Communication are a very important part of communication. Communication generally refers to the sharing of information from one person to another with the use of one of the communication channels.
Communication can be either formal or informal both types because not only communication is a part of a day to day life but also necessary for the professional regulation of any organization. So if you are a student and want to learn the Models of Communication then you should stay on this article.

Models of Communication PDF

  • Lasswell Model (1948),
  • Shannon and Weaver Model (1949),
  • Charles Osgood’s Model (1954),
  • Schramm Model (1954),
  • George Gerbner’s Model (1956),
  • Theodore M. Newcomb’s Model (1953)
  • Bruce H. Wesley’s and M.S. MacLean’s Model (1957).

Objectives of Models of Communication PDF

The primary objective of models of communication is to acquire an understanding of the communication processes (What is Communication Model? 2020). In addition, it helps in understanding important aspects of communication. The various objectives of models of communication are:

  1. Providing information regarding elements of communication.
  2. Conducting research.
  3. Providing information in terms of ways to promote the success of communication processes.
  4. Generating information in terms of factors that would lead to failure of communication processes.
  5. Manageable implementation of communication processes.
  6. Showing information flow.
  7. Introducing features of communication processes.
  8. Presentation of communication processes.
  9. Understanding the complexities of communication processes.
  10. Measures to bring about improvements in communication processes.

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Models of Communication pdf

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