May to August Cue Card 2023 Makkar PDF

May to August Cue Card 2023 Makkar PDF Download

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May to August Cue Card 2023 Makkar PDF Summary

Dear readers, here we are offering May to August Cue Card 2023 Makkar PDF to all of you. If you are willing to download it in pdf format then you should stay at this article to find out the best pdf on this particular topic so that you can seek the ultimate knowledge. These topics are recently updated or asked in real exams at different locations. If your exam is between May 2023 and August 2023, prepare these cue cards to reach your goal. We made this list based on experience, thinking it’s likely to be accurate.

May to August Cue Card 2023 Makkar PDF

May 2023 To August 2023 Cue Cards With Answers

1 Describe a period in history that interests you.
2 Describe Something you did with a group of people.
3 Describe an Unusual meal.
4 Describe a website you often visit.
5 Describe a piece of technology that you feel is difficult to use.
6 Describe a city where you would like to stay for a short time.
7 Describe a time when you taught a friend or relative something.
8 Describe a time when you missed or were late for a meeting.
9 Describe a place you visited that was affected by air pollution.
10 Describe a new development in your city ( for example, a shopping mall or leisure facilities).
11 Describe an interesting old person.
12 Describe something you did that made you feel proud.
13 Describe a free time activity you enjoyed when you were younger.
14 Describe a person you like or want to work or study with.
15 Describe a time when someone gave you something you really wanted.
16 describe a complaint you made and you were satisfied with the results.
17 Describe something that you would like to learn in the future.
18 Describe a character from a film or book
19 Describe a time you went to a crowded place.
20 Describe a daily routine you enjoy.
21 Describe a piece of news that you heard about someone you know well.
22 Describe your first day at school that you remember.
23 Describe a place in your home where you like to relax.
24 Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed talking with.
25 Describe an advertisement you do not like.
26 Talk about a difficult word that you learned to pronounce.*
27 Describe a time when you did a lengthy calculation without using a calculator.
28 Describe an exciting experience in your life.
29 Talk about someone who recently moved from their hometown to another place.
30 Describe an invention that changed your life.
31 Describe something you wanted in life.
32 Talk about a film/movie you would like to watch again.
33 Describe a time when you were late.
34 Describe a time when you make a decision that took time.
35 Describe a technical gadget that you want to invent in future.
36 Describe a childhood friend you know very well.
37 Describe about a person you would like to work or study.
38 Describe a product you brought during the sale period.
39 Describe a (long) car journey you went on.
40 Describe a book that you have read many times.
41 Describe a speech you gave.
42 Describe a new store/shop in your town/city.*
43 Describe a place away from your home that you want to visit in the future.
44 Describe an adventure you would like to go on.
45 Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed.
46 Describe a difficult thing you did and succeeded in.
47 Describe an object you find particularly beautiful (For example, a painting, sculpture, piece of jewellery/furniture, etc.).
48 Describe a time you used your cellphone/ smartphone to do something important.
49 Describe an important thing you learned, not at school or college
50 Describe something that surprised you and made you happy..
51 Describe a photo that you took and are proud of.
52 Describe a problem you had while shopping online or in a store.
53 Describe a time when you saw a lot of plastic waste (e.g. in a park, on the beach, etc.).
54 Describe a time when you needed to search for information.
55 Describe a person you know who is from a different culture.
56 Describe a time you made a decision to wait for something.
57 Describe a time when you received money as a gift.
58 Talk about a TV show you like to watch.
59 Describe a person who you believe dresses well.
60 Describe a person who likes to grow plants.
61 Describe a time you had a disagreement with someone.
62 Describe a house/apartment that someone you know lives in.
63 Describe a place where you go to do outdoor activities or play a sport.
64 Describe a city you would recommend as a nice place to live (not your hometown).
65 Describe a time when someone asked for your opinion.
66 Describe a time when you missed an appointment.
67 Describe a time you were very busy.
68 Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person).
69 Describe a story or a novel that was particularly interesting to you.
70 Describe a popular/well-known person in your country.
71 Describe a time when you helped a child.
72 Describe something that surprised you.
73 Describe an occasion when you lost something.
74 Describe a creative person whose work you admire.
75 Describe a difficult decision that you once made.
76 Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired.
77 Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved.
78 Describe an occasion when you got incorrect information.*
79 Updating Soon
80 Updating Soon
81 Updating Soon
82 Updating Soon

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May to August Cue Card 2023 Makkar pdf

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