मराठी आरती संग्रह | Marathi Aarti Sangrah PDF

मराठी आरती संग्रह | Marathi Aarti Sangrah PDF Download

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मराठी आरती संग्रह | Marathi Aarti Sangrah - Description

Dear friends, here we are going to upload मराठी आरती संग्रह PDF / Marathi Aarti Sangrah PDF for all of you. As you know Aarti is considered very sacred or pious in our Hindu religion. It is said that worship is considered completed only after performing the Aarti. According to Hindu beliefs, after worshipping each deity, there is a special ritual of aarti.
Therefore in the Sanatan Hindu Dharma, Aarti is considered to be of utmost importance in every type of worshipping. It is believed that the full benefit of worship is not attained without performing aarti after worship.
It is believed that by performing aarti, happiness, peace and prosperity remain in the house.
By performing the Aarti devotees get mental and physical happiness. Therefore if you also want to get the benefit of any worship by worshipping God, then would perform aarti after worship. Through this article, you can easily get the Marathi aarti sangrah lyrics pdf. Through this beautiful Aarti collection you can perform Aarti of any deity at your home.

संपूर्ण मराठी आरती संग्रह PDF / Sampurna Marathi Aarti Sangrah PDF

Sr.No. Aarti Name
1. Shree Ganapati Aarti
2. Shree Vitthal aarti
3. Shree Ganesha Aarti
4. Shree Ganesha Vinayaka Aarti
5. Shree Hanuman Shri Hanuman Aarti
6. Shree Krishna Aarti
7. Shree Rama Shri Rama Aarti
8. Shree Ramayana Shri Ramayan Ji Aarti
9. Shree Shankar Aarti
10. Shree Jagdish Aarti
11. Shree Satyanarayan Aarti
12. Shree Surya Aarti
13. Shree Shanidev Aarti
14. Shree Vishwakarma Aarti
15. Shree Parashurama Aarti
16. Shree Balaji Aarti
17. Shree Ambe Mata Aarti
18. Shree Lakshmi Mata Aarti
19. Shree Santoshi Mata Aarti
20. Shree Saraswati Mata Aarti
21. Shree Vaishno Mata Aarti
22. Shree Ganga Mata Aarti
23. Shree Durga Mata Aarti
24. Shree Durga Mata Vindhyeshwari Mata Aarti
25. Marathi Aarti Sangrah PDF

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