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Dear readers, here we are offering Management 22509 MCQ with Answers PDF to all of you. Management is a universal art and science that is helpful in every aspect of professional and personal life. Management 22509 MCQ with Answers are very important for deeply understanding the topic.
Management is the collective process of planning, organizing, directing, staffing, and controlling. It includes planning which means preparing a layout, organizing means maintaining and organizing the things, and directing refers to giving direction to the teams. Staffing is to hire human resources for the firm.

Management 22509 MCQ with Answers PDF

1. Business firm Produce and supply wide varieties of goods and ______ required by the society.
A) Money
B) Services
C) Entities
D) Social Service
2. The year 1991 is famous for.
A) New Fiscal deficit policy
B) IT parks initiated in Bangalore
C) Globalization policy, liberalization was accepted by India
D) Policies of cooperative societies changed
3. The primary sector includes all of the following except.
a) Forestry
B) Manufacturing
C) Mining
D) Agriculture
4. _________ product comes under petrochemical industry.
A) Vehicles
B) Plastic
C) Wood
D) Paper
5. Management causes.
A) Miss-communication
B) Wastage of resources
C) Miss-coordination
D) None of the above
6. _______ Skill is needed at the top level management.
A) Technical
B) Conceptual and technical
C) Conceptual
D) Conceptual, Technical and human
7. ______ is recruitment of right people at right place in an organization.
A) Planning
B) Organizing
C) Staffing
D) Controlling
8. Policy making in an industry is a role of
A) Management
B) Administration
C) Public
D) Workers
9. Scientific management works on
A) Research and experimentation
B) Trial and error
C) More attention on production only
D) Tradition management theory
10. What is Espirit De Corps ?
A) It is a function of management
B) It is a principle of management
C) It is management concept in Russia
D) It is a name of company
11. The process of monitoring, comparing and correcting is called ______.
A) Coordinating
B) Controlling
C) Leading
D) Organizing
12. A joint venture can be defined as
A) Two firms collaborate with each other on a specific project
B) One firm licenses its intellectual property to another firm
C) Two firm merge together
D) Two firm come together to form a third, legally seperate firm
13. Grouping the activities or operations of an enterprise into various units is referred as
A) Centralization
B) Departmentation
C) Delegation
D) Communication
14. _____ can be defined as running business by a single owner
A) Proprietorship
B) Partnership
C) Private limited
D) Public limited
15. Which are factors in which span of control depends ?
A) Trained and experienced subordinates
B) Type of work
C) Capacity of executive or manager
D) All of the above
16. Unlimited liability is present in
A) Proprietorship
B) Partnership
C) Both a & b
D) None of the above
17. “Achievement due to one will be shared by all others”, this happens in
A) General partnership
B) Limited partnership
C) Both a and b
D) None of the above
18. Factories act come into force from ____________.
A) 1948
B) 1949
C) 1976
D) 1st April 1949
19. VAT and sales tax falls under __________.
A) Indirect tax
B) Service tax
C) Direct tax
D) All of the above
20. The necessity of industrial act is to protect the interests of :
A) Workers
B) Employers
C) A and B
D) None of the above
21. Safety management deals with ____________.
A) loss of life
B)Personal injury
C)Damage to the equipment
D) Prevention of an accident
22. Collapse of crane is a cause of accident, under which type of accident it come ?
A) Mechanical cause of accident
B) Natural cause of accident
C) Human error
D) All of the above
23. Capital required by a company to purchase building for starting the company is called as
A) Working capital
B) Fixed capital
C) Loan
D) Dept
24. Variance report is the difference between outcome of the company
A) Material cost and labor cost
B) Planned budget and actual budget
C) Cash budget and fixed budget
D) Purchased budget and overhead budget
25. Which is input to MRP
A) Current forecasting
B) Bill of material
C) On hand inventory
D) All of the above

22509 Management MCQs with Answers PDF

26. Value added tax (VAT) is a tax on ?
A) An employee earning
B) The organization profits
C) The investment earnings
D) Good and services
27. Internal source/s of finance is/are:
A) Deferred taxation
B) Shares
C) Debentures
D) All of the above
28. According to which Act, a business is required to prepare a balance sheet?
A) Companies Act
B) Factory Act
C) Environmental Act
D) None of the above
29. Which is part of material management
A) Inventory Management
B) Marketing Management
C) Both A & B
D) None
30. Which is not the feature of ERP
A) Integrated system
B) Common Data-Base
C) Departmental access
D) Different look for each module
31. Which of the following is the name given to a bill of lading where goods have been received by a carrier free of defects ?
A) Shipped bill of lading
B) Claused bill of lading
C) Ordinary bill of lading
D) Clean bill of lading
32. In EOQ, _______ cost=unit price x annual consumption volume
A) Consumption
B) Protection
C) Investment
D) None of these
33. Which of the followings are the aims of material management ?
A) Continuity of supply
B) Low payroll cost
C) Higher inventory turn over
D) All of the above
34. A type of Item has …… importance due to consumption
A) 10-20%
B) 15-25%
C) 40-50%
D) 70-80%
35. In automobile industry, departments can be on the basis of ______.
A) Territorial
B) Product
C) Customer
D) Process
36. The activity of “Control” in Six sigma refers to :
A) Develop alternatives
B) Determines various controls needed and validate them
C) Prepare control chart
D) None of the above
37. Which of the following is the constituent of total quality management ?
A) Orderliness and punctuality
B) Quality of inventory
D) None of the above
38. In PDCA, act consist of which of the following ?
A) Ensure continuous improvements
B) Analyze result
C) Plan policies
D) Train employees
39. To achieve quality (i.e defects free product and services), we require
A) Close cooperation between management and staff
B) Commitment
C) An environment in which quality can flourish
D) All of the above
40. Bench marking determines
A) Customer requirement
B) Process capability
C) Standards
D) Getting ISO 9000 audit done
41. Top agro industry in India is
A) FabIndia
B) Pidilite
C) Dupont India
D) None of the above
42. Trading business means
A) Buying a Raw material
B) Selling a finished goods
C) Buying goods and selling them without any processing
D) All
43. Following is not associated with insurance
A) Bajaj Allianz
B) Max Life
44. Father of scientific management is
A) Fedrick W. Tailor
B) Arthur Dunkel
C) Henry Fayol
D) Robert owen
45. Deciding in advance what to do, how to do and when to do is……..
A) Decision-making
B) Organizing
C) Planning
D) Motivating
46. Which statement is wrong
A) Authority can not be delegated
B) Authority is the power to act
C) Hidher the post, higher is the authority
D) Authority is right to command
47. Which is the appropriate reason of failure of good plan ?
A) Insufficient data
B) Lack of knowledge
C) Over confidence
D) All of the above
48. ……… The process of operations, verify conformity with the predetermined plan and takes corrective action
A) Coordinating
B) Forecasting
C) Organizing
D) Controlling
49. Which statement regarding Joint stock company is incorrect ?
A) Joint stock companies have no separate legal status than their members
B) Members of joint stock companies have limited liability
C) Joint stock companies can undertake several activities like expansion, modernization, diversificatn, etc.
D) None of the above
50. Which one of following is not included in the ‘contents of partnership deed’.
A) Name of partnership firm
B) Duration of partnership
C) Permanent address of partnership business
D) Face value of share

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