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Friends, here we are going to offer Linux Commands List PDF 2022 to help you. Linux orders is a well known option in contrast to Microsoft Windows and assuming that you decide to utilize this minimal expense or free working framework, you really want to realize some fundamental Linux orders to arrange, work, and cooperate with your framework easily.
Understanding the most fundamental Linux orders will permit you to effectively explore indexes, control records, change authorizations, show data, for example, circle space, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Acquiring essential information on the most well-known orders will assist you with effectively executing assignments through the order line. While managing the Linux working framework, orders are expected as contributions to illuminate or guide a PC program to play out a particular activity.

Linux Commands List PDF 2022

Command Description
cat [filename] Display file’s contents to the standard output device
(usually your monitor).
cd /directory path Change to the directory.
chmod [options] mode filename Change a file’s permissions.
chown [options] filename Change who owns a file.
clear Clear a command-line screen/window for a fresh start.
cp [options] source destination Copy files and directories.
date [options] Display or set the system date and time.
df [options] The display used and available disk space.
du [options] Show how much space each file takes up.
file [options] filename Determine what type of data is within a file.
find [pathname] [expression] Search for files matching a provided pattern.
grep [options] pattern [filesname] Search files or output for a particular pattern.
kill [options] pid Stop a process. If the process refuses to stop, use kill -9 pid.
less [options] [filename] View the contents of a file one page at a time.
ln [options] source [destination] Create a shortcut.
locate filename Search a copy of your filesystem for the specified
lpr [options] Send a print job.
ls [options] List directory contents.
man [command] Display the help information for the specified command.
mkdir [options] directory Create a new directory.
mv [options] source destination Rename or move file(s) or directories.
passwd [name [password]] Change the password or allow (for the system administrator) to
change any password.
ps [options] Display a snapshot of the currently running processes.
pwd Display the pathname for the current directory.
rm [options] directory Remove (delete) file(s) and/or directories.
rmdir [options] directory Delete empty directories.
ssh [options] user@machine Remotely log in to another Linux machine, over the network.
Leave an ssh session by typing exit.
su [options] [user [arguments]] Switch to another user account.
tail [options] [filename] Display the last n lines of a file (the default is
tar [options] filename Store and extract files from a tarfile (.tar) or tarball (.tar.gz or .tgz).
top Displays the resources being used on your system. Press q to
touch filename Create an empty file with the specified name.
who [options] Display who is logged on.

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