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Hello friends, today we are going to upload Kunute Nazla PDF for the help of all of you. Qunut Nazeela is a prayer to Allah for protection from harm that is offered in prayer in times of calamity. The dua of Qunut Nazilla is usually recited after ruku in the last rak’ah of Fajr, standing and raising both hands. Qunoot Nazilla is different from Dua-e-Qunoot which is recited in Witr Salah.
It is attested that the Prophet (صلى الله ليه وآله وسلم) used to say Qunoot in times of crisis, prayed against the attackers among the infidels, and prayed for weeks and persecuted Muslims to save them from the infidels’ conspiracies and captivity were.
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Kunute Nazla pdf

Kunute Nazla PDF Download Link

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