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Dear readers, here we are offering IS 10262 Code 2019 PDF download link to all of you. This Indian Standard (Second Revision) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards after the draft finalized by the Cement and Concrete Sectional Committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council.
This standard provides guidelines for proportioning concrete mixes as per the requirements using the concrete-making materials including other supplementary materials identified for this purpose. You can get the IS 10262 Code 2019 in pdf format through this article.

IS 10262 Code 2019 PDF Download

In this second revision, the following major modifications have been made:

  • a) The standard has been divided into five sections, as follows:

1) Section 1 General
2) Section 2 Ordinary and standard grades of concrete
3) Section 3 High strength grades of concrete
4) Section 4 Self-compacting concrete
5) Section 5 Mass concrete

  • b) Mix proportioning procedure for high strength concrete for M 65 or above (up to target strength of M 100) has been included.
  • c) The initial data to be provided for mix proportioning has been made more encompassing, covering the provisions of revised IS 383 : 2016 ‘Coarse and fine aggregates for concrete (third revision)’, use of admixtures, etc.
  • d) The target mean strength for mix proportioning formula has been refined to include a new factor based on the grade of concrete. This has been done to ensure a minimum margin between the characteristic compressive strength and the target mean compressive strength.
  • e) The calculations for standard deviation have been detailed.
  • f) A graph of water-cement ratio versus 28 days strength of concrete has been introduced for different grades and types of cement, as an alternate method for assuming the initial water-cement ratio.
  • g) Illustrative annexes for concrete mix proportioning for PPC, OPC with fly ash, OPC with ggbs, high strength concrete, self compacting concrete and mass concrete have been provided.
  • h) Guidelines on using/selecting water reducing admixtures have been introduced as an informatory annex (see Annex G).
  • j) The consideration of air content in the design of normal (non-air entrained) concrete mix proportion, has been reintroduced.

Data For Mix Proportioning

The following data are required for mix proportioning of a particular grade of concrete:

  • Grade designation;
  • Type of cement, and grade of cement (if applicable);
  • Maximum nominal size of aggregate;
  • Minimum cement/cementitious materials content and maximum water-cement/ cementitious materials ratio to be adopted; or Exposure conditions as per Table 3 and Table 5 of IS 456;
  • Workability required at the time of placement;
  • Transportation time;
  • Method of placing;
  • Degree of site control (good/fair) or value of established standard deviation, if any;
  • Type of coarse aggregate (angular/sub-angular/ gravel with some crushed particles/rounded gravel/manufactured coarse aggregate);
  • Type of fine aggregate (natural sand/ crushed stone or gravel sand/manufactured sand/ mixed sand); m) Maximum cement content;
  • Whether a chemical admixture shall or shall not be used and the type of chemical admixture and the extent of use;
  • Whether a mineral admixture shall or shall not be used and the type of mineral admixture and the extent of use; and
  • Any other specific requirements like early age strength requirements.

NOTE — Suitable reduction in water cement or water cementitious material ratio shall be done after the mix has been finalized based on trial mixes, to achieve the specific requirement of high early strength, if any. The reduced ratio shall be fixed based on trials for the required early strength. These trials shall be carried out after recalculating all the mix proportions
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IS 10262 Code 2019 pdf

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