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Indian Constitution Articles - Description

Dear friends, here we are going to offer the Indian Constitution Articles PDF for all of you. The Constitution of India is the supreme legislation of India. It was passed by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949 and came into force on 26 January 1950. The day of 26 November has been declared as the Constitution Day of India.
While 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day in India. It is said that Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar is the head of the Indian Constitution. The basic basis of the Constitution of India is considered to be the Government of India Act 1935. It is also considered that the Constitution of India is one of the longest written constitutions of any republic country in the world.
There were 299 members in the assembly that wrote the Indian Constitution, which was headed by Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The Constituent Assembly completed its work on 26 November 1949 and this constitution came into force on 26 January 1950. In the memory of this day, we celebrate 26 January every year as Republic Day.

Indian Constitution Articles PDF / Indian Constitution Articles List PDF in English

Part Contains Articles
Part I Union and its Territory 1 to 4
Part II Citizenship 5 to 11
Part III Fundamental Rights 12 to 35
Part IV Directive Principles of State Policy 36 to 51
Part IVA Fundamental Duties 51A
Part V The Union 52 to 151
Part VI The States 152 to 237
Part VII States in the B part of the First schedule (repealed by 7th Amendment)
Part VIII The Union Territories 239 to 242
Part IX The Panchayats 243 to 243O
Part IXA The Municipalities 243P to 243ZG
Part IXB The Co-operative Societies 243ZH to 243ZT
Part X The scheduled and Tribal Areas 244 to 244A
Part XI Relations between the Union and the States 245 to 263
Part XII Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits 264 to 300A
Part XIII Trade and Commerce within the territory of India 301 to 307
Part XIV Services Under the Union, the States 308 to 323
Part XIVA Tribunals 323A to 323B
Part XV Elections 324 to 329A
Part XVI Special Provisions Relating to certain Classes 330 to 342
Part XVII Languages 343 to 351
Part XVIII Emergency Provisions 352 to 360
Part XIX Miscellaneous 361 to 367
Part XX Amendment of the Constitution 368
Part XXI Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions 369 to 392
Part XXII Short title, date of commencement, etc. 393 to 395

Important Articles of Indian Constitution PDF in English

S. No. Subject Important Articles
1 Citizenship Article 1-5
2 Fundamental Rights Article 12-35
3 Directive Principles of State Policy Article 36-51
4 Fundamental Duties Article 51A
5 President Article 52-62
6 Delimitation Commission Article 82 & 170
7 Barring MPs and MLAs from holding Office of Profit Article 102 (1) & Article 191 (1)
8 Contempt of Court Article 142, 261
9 Governor Article 153, 154, 161
10 Centre-State Relations Article 245-263
11 Inter-State Council Article 263
12 Special Provisions to SC, ST, OBC, Minorities etc. (330 -342) Article 340
13 Official Languages Article 343-351
14 Amendment Procedure Article 368
15 Sixth Schedule Article 371-371J

Parts of Indian Constitution PDF

  • Originally, Indian Constitution contained 395 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules.
  • But later 4 schedules and many articles and provisions (Part IV A, Part IX-A, B and Part XIV A) were inserted within their respective Parts (or creating subparts) by amending the constitution.
  • However, Part VII was repealed by the 7th amendment act, of 1956.

Total Number of Articles in Indian Constitution at Present

  • In the constituent assembly (now, the Parliament), to maintain the original structure intact, new articles are inserted in the existing article heads and parts as well.
  • Hence, there are 395 articles, 22 Parts and 12 Schedules.
  • Don’t get confused with the number of articles i.e. 448 or 395.
  • Despite several new articles being added and some repealed by the Parliament through amendments, the numbering structure was maintained intact.

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