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India Ranking in Different Indexes 2022 PDF Summary

Dear friends, here we are going to present India Ranking in Different Indexes 2022 PDF for all of you. Every year different countries of the world are ranked in different indexes by various reputed institutions. These indexes are considered very important in the various types of examination.
Many types of questions related to this topic are asked in various competitive exams like UPSC-prelims, State PCS, SSC, Railways etc. Therefore through our article, you can easily know more information about what is the place of India in various world indexes and which institute publishes them and which country ranks at the top of them?
You will be able to know all this information in an easy way. Here in this article, we have also provided a direct download link for India’s rank in different indexes 2022 pdf. Through this link, you can get important information related to this topic. If you are preparing for any exam then you must read all these indexes properly.

India Ranking in Different Indexes 2022 PDF

1 Henley Passport
Index 2022
Henley & Partners 83 Japan, Singapore
2 Global Food
Security (GFS)
Index 2021
71 Ireland
3 Global Hunger
Index (GHI)
Concern Worldwide
and Welt hunger hilfe
4 Mercer Global
Pension Index
40 Iceland
5 Digital Quality
of Life Index
Surfshark 59 Denmark
6 Global Innovation
Index 2021
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 46 Switzerland
7 Human Development Index 2020 United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) 131 Norway
8 Global Peace Index 2021 Institute for Economics and Peace 135 Iceland
9 Global Climate Risk Index 2021 German Watch E.V. 7 Mozambique
10 World Press Freedom Index 2022 Reporters without Borders 150 Norway
11 Global
Risk Index 2021
Cushman &
2 China
12 Ease of Doing
Business 2020
World Bank 63 New Zealand
13 Economic
Freedom Index
Heritage Foundation 121 Singapore
14 Global Startup
Ecosystem Index
Startup Blink 20 USA
15 Global Gender Gap Index 2021 World Economic Forum 140 Iceland
16 World Bank’s
Human Capital
Index 2020
World Bank 116 Singapore
17 World
Index 2021
Institute for
Development (IMD)
43 Switzerland
18 Global
Terrorism Index
Institute for
Economics & Peace
8 Afghanistan
19 Asia Power
Index 2020
Lowy Institute 4 USA
20 Human
Freedom Index
Cato Institute of
United States &
Fraser Institute in
111 New Zealand
21 Corruption
Index 2020
86 New Zealand & Denmark
22 Asia-Pacific
Health Index
Intelligence Unit
10 Singapore
23 Global Talent
Index 2020
INSEAD Business
72 Switzerland
24 Global
Firepower Index
Global Firepower 4 USA
25 International
Property Index
US Chamber of
Commerce’s Global
Innovation Policy
40 USA
26 Inclusive
Internet Index
The Economist
Intelligence Unit
49 Sweden
27 International
Smart City Index
Institute For
85 Singapore
28 World
Report 2021
UN Sustainable
Solutions Network
139 Finland
29 Social Mobility
Index 2020
World Economic
76 Denmark
30 Global Energy
Transition Index
World Economic
87 Sweden

Ranking Index (January 2022)

Index Index released by India’s Rank 1st Rank
Henley Passport Index 2022 Henley 
prepared on the basis of exclusive data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
83rd Henley Passport Index 2022 rankings:·       Rank 1: Japan, Singapore
·       Rank 2: Germany, South Korea
·       Rank 3: Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain
·       Rank 4: Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands and Sweden
·       Rank 5:  Ireland, Portugal
·       Rank 6:  Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, UK and US
·       Rank 104:  North Korea
·       Rank 105:  Nepal and Palestinian
·       Rank 106:  Somalia
·       Rank 107:  Yemen
·       Rank 108:  Pakistan
·       Rank 109:  Syria
·       Rank 110:  Iraq
·       Rank 111 (Bottom): Afghanistan
Global List for  ‘the On-Time Performance Review 2021 Airlines and Airports’ Cirium Chennai International Airport ranked 8th under the large airports category Rank 1st: Miami Airport (United States)Rank 2nd: Fukuoka Airport (Japan)
Rank 3rd: Haneda Airport (Japan)
2021 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) Berlin, Germany-based non-governmental organisation Transparency International 85th Rank 1st: Denmark, Finland, New ZealandRank 4thNorway
Rank 180 (Last): South Sudan
World’s most valuable brand according to 2022 Global 500 report Brand Finance Tata Group (Rank 78th)- US$23.9 billion has emerged as the most valuable brand from India and also in South Asia. Rank 1stApple ($355.1 billion)World’s fastest-growing brand: TikTok (Rank 18th) – US$59.0 billion
Brands in the top 10:
2.        Amazon
3.        Google
4.        Microsoft
5.        Walmart
6.        Samsung
7.        Facebook
8.        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
9.        Huawei
10.      Verizon

Ranking Index (February 2022)

Index Index released by India’s Rank 1st Rank
Report on Most valued insurance brand globally London-based Brand Finance 10th: Life Insurance Corporationstrongest and the largest brand in the country with a valuation of $8.656 billion (around Rs 64,722 crore). Also, LIC is ranked 3rd in brand strength globally after Poste Italiane, Italy and Mapfre, Spain.
India Press Freedom Report, 2021 Rights and Risks Analysis Group Top states in attacks on journalists in 2021:1.     J&K
2.     Uttar Pradesh
3.     Madhya Pradesh
4.     Tripura
5.     Delhi Bihar
Global Digital Skills Index 2022 Salesforce India leads in Digital Skills Readiness
Bloomberg Billionaires Index Bloomberg Asia’s Richest Person: Gautam Adani ($88.5 billion)2ndMukesh Ambani’s $87.9 billion
8th February, 2022
World’s richest person:1st: Elon Musk ($235 Billion)
2nd : Jeff Bezos ($183 Billion)
3rd: Bernard Arnault ($168 Billion)
10th: Gautam Adani ($88.5 billion)
TomTom Traffic Index Ranking 2021 TomTom Most-congested city in the world in 2021:1st: Istanbul, Turkey
2nd: Moscow
5th: Mumbai
10th: Bengaluru
11th: New Delhi
21st: Pune
Democracy Index 2021 The Economist Intelligence Unit India ranked 46th 1st: Norway2nd: New Zealand
3rd: Finland
4th: Sweden
5th: Iceland
6th: Denmark
7th: Ireland
8th: Taiwan
9th: Australia
10th: Switzerland
Bottom 3:
·       North Korea
·       Afghanistan
·       Myanmar
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2021/2022 report India ranked 4th in Ease of Starting Business 1st: Saudi Arabia2nd: Netherlands
3rd: Sweden
9th USGBC top 10 ranking of Countries outside of US for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in 2021 US Green Building Council (USGBC) India ranked 3rd 1st: China2nd: Canada
‘Deloitte 2022 CxO Sustainability Report: The Disconnect Between Ambition and Impact’ Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) Indian businesses ranked 5th
10th International Intellectual Property Index, ‘Compete for Tomorrow’ (IIP Index 2022) Global Innovation Policy Centre (GIPC) of United States Chambers of Commerce (USCC) India ranked 43rd The top 5 countries:·       Rank 1: United States of America
·       Rank 2: United Kingdom
·       Rank 3: Germany
·       Rank 4: Sweden
·       Rank 5: France

Ranking Index (March 2022)

Index Index released by India’s Rank 1st Rank
16th The Wealth Report 2022 Knight Frank India ranked 3rd in billionaire population globallyBengaluru recorded the highest growth in the number of UHNWIs in 2021 at 17.1% to 352 billionaires. It was followed by Delhi (12.4% to 210) and Mumbai (9% to 1596) in 2021.
Top 5 countries in 2021:·       United States
·       China
·       India
·       Germany
·       Russia
Sustainable Development Index 2021 in 9th edition of Down To Earth’s annual ‘State of India’s Environment Report 2022’ Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) India ranked 120th Top 5 countries:1. Finland
2. Sweden
3. Denmark
4. Germany
5. Belgium
SKOCH State of Governance ranking 2021 SKOCH Group 1st rank: Andhra Pradesh 2nd: West Bengal3rd: Odisha
4th: Gujarat
5th: Maharashtra
6th: Telangana
‘Democracy Report 2022: Autocratisation Changing Nature’ V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) Institute India ranked 93rd Top 5 Liberal Democracy Index (LDI) Countries:

  1. Sweden
  2. Denmark
  3. Norway
  4. Costa Rica
  5. New Zealand

Most autocratic countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Venezuela

London & Partners (the Mayor of London’s international trade and investment agency) analysis of investment data London & Partners 2nd largest global venture capital investment hub for digital shopping companiesWithin India, Bengaluru, Karnataka topped with USD 14 billion worth of Venture Capital (VC) investments in digital shopping in 2021.
1.     United States (US)2.     India
3.     China
4.     United Kingdom
8th Edition 2022 Fortune India The Next 500 list Fortune India RailTel Corporation of India Limited (RailTel) has ranked 124thIRCTC ranked 309
Trends in International Arms Transfer, 2021 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Rank 1st in imports85% of India’s overall imports were from three countries. Russia (46%), France (27%), and the USA (12%) were the top three largest exporters of arms to India during the period.
India was 23rd largest exporter during 2017-21.
Largest Arms Importers in 2017-21: India, followed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt (5.7%), Australia (5.4%) and China (4.8%)Largest Arms Exporters in 2017-21: USA, with 39% share, retained its position as the world’s largest arms exporters, followed by Russia (19%), France (11%), China (4.6%) and Germany (4.5%).
Bloomberg’s recent data on Market capitalization Bloomberg India ranked 5th with an overall market capitalization of USD 3.21 trillion. 1.     US with an overall market cap of USD 47.32 trillion,2.     China (USD 11.52 trillion),
3.     Japan (USD 6 trillion)
4.     Hong Kong (USD 5.55 trillion)
5.     India
6.     United Kingdom (UK) with M-Cap of USD 3.19 trillion,
7.     Saudi Arabia with M-Cap of USD 3.18 trillion,
8.     Canada with M-Cap of USD 3.18 trillion,
9.     France with M-Cap of USD 2.89 trillion
10.  Germany with M-Cap of USD 2.29 trillion.
Global Powers of Retailing 2022: Resilience Despite Challenges Deloitte Reliance Retail ranked 56th 1.     Walmart Inc2.     Amazon, Inc.,
3.     Costco Wholesale Corporation,
4.     Schwarz Group,
5.     The Home Depot, Inc.
2022 M3M Hurun Global Rich List Hurun India Mukesh Ambani emerged as Richest Indian & Asian & ranked 9th globally 1.     Elon Musk (Tesla)2.     Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
3.     Bernard Arnault (LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton)
4.     Bill Gates (Microsoft)
5.     Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway)
6.     Sergey Brin (Alphabet)
7.     Larry Page (Alphabet)
8.     Steve Ballmer (Microsoft)
9.     Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries Limited)
10.  Bertrand Puech & Family (Hermes)
10th edition of World Happiness Report 2022 United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network India ranked 136th Top 5 countries:1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Switzerland
5. Netherlands
16. United States
17. Britain
20. France
Afghanistan was ranked as the unhappiest nation, followed by Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Botswana.
Global House Price Index Q4 2021 Knight Frank India ranked 51st 1.     Turkey saw the highest annual price growth rate by 59.6 per cent in Q4 2021.2.     New Zealand (22.6 per cent),
3.     Czech Republic (22.1 per cent),
4.     Slovakia (22.1 per cent) 
5.     Australia (21.8 per cent)
2021 World Air Quality Report IQAir Bhiwadi was the most polluted city in India, followed by Ghaziabad, Delhi and Jaunpur.  World’s most polluted capital city:1. New Delhi (India)
2. Dhaka (Bangladesh)
3. N’Djamena (Chad)
4. Dushanbe (Tajikistan) 
5. Muscat (Oman)
World’s most polluted country:
1.     Bangladesh
2.     Chad
3.     Pakistan
4.     Tajikistan
5.     India
NITI Aayog`s Export Preparedness Index 2021 NITI Aayog and Institute of Competitiveness 1.     Gujarat Top states: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.Top UTs: Delhi, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Chandigarh and Puducherry.
Top Himalayan states: Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Sikkim and Manipur.
Union territories and states such as Lakshadweep, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Ladakh, and Meghalaya ranked worst. 
UNEP’s Annual Frontier Report 2022 United Nations Environment Programme Most noise polluted cities in India:
1.     Moradabad,
2.     Kolkata (89 dB),
3.     Asansol (89 dB),
4.     Jaipur (84 dB),
5.     Delhi (83 dB).
Most noise polluted city in world:1.     Dhaka (Bangladesh),
2.     Moradabad (UP, India),
3.     Islamabad (Pakistan),
4.     Rajshahi (Bangladesh),
5.     Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
Quietest cities in the world: Irbrid at 60 dB, Lyon at 69 dB, Madrid at 69 dB, Stockholm at 70 dB, and Belgrade at 70 dB.
Celebrity Brand Valuation Report 2021 titled “Digital Acceleration 2.0” Duff & Phelps (Now Kroll) Most valued celebrity:1.     Virat Kohli
2.     Ranveer Singh
3.     Akshay Kumar
4.     Alia Bhatt
Hurun Global Forty and Under Self-Made Billionaires 2022 Hurun Research Institute India ranked 4th 1.     USA (37)2.     China (25)
3.     United Kingdom (8),
4.     India (6)
5.     Sweden (3)
World’s richest self-made billionaire aged 40 and under:
1.     Mark Zuckerberg ($76 billion)
2.     ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming,
3.     FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried,
4.     Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky,
5.     Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz

Ranking Index (April, 2022)

Index Index released by India’s Rank 1st Rank
Hurun Richest Self-Made Women in the World 2022 Hurun Research Institute ·       Falguni Nayar ranked 10th·       Radha Vembu, 2nd in India & 25th globally
·       Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw ranked 26th
1.     China (78)2.     United States (25)
3.     United Kingdom (5)
Top 3 on the list:
Wu Yajun co-founder of Longfor (China has topped the list)
Fan Hongwei, Chairman/President, Hengli Petrochemical Co Ltd (China)
Wang Laichun of Luxshare Precision Industry (China).
NITI Aayog’s State Energy and Climate Index SECI- Round One NITI Aayog 1.     Gujarat2.     Kerala
3.     Punjab
The top three performers among smaller states are:1. Goa
2. Tripura
3. Manipur
Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand were placed at the bottom.
Hurun Global Healthcare Rich List 2022 Hurun Research Institute 1. Cyrus S Poonawalla of Serum Institute of India (SII)2. Thomas Frist Jr & Family of HCA Healthcare
2. Li Xiting and Xu Hang of Mindray
5. Dilip Shanghvi & Family, of the Sun Pharmaceuticals
1.     China (34)2.     United States of America (16)
3.     Switzerland (15)
4.     Germany (11)
5.     India (9)
SIPRI’s “Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2021” report Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) India’s military spends 3rd highest in the world 1. US2. China
4. UK
5. Russia
Forbes’ Real-time Billionaires List, as of 25 April 2022 Forbes’ Gautam Adani became the fifth richest person in the world

List of Top 10 billionaires:

Rank Name Company Net Worth
1 Elon Musk Tesla, United States $219 B
2 Jeff Bezos Amazon, United States $171 B
3 Bernard Arnault & family LVMH, France $158 B
4 Bill Gates Microsoft, United States $129 B
5 Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway, US $118 B
6 Larry Page Google, United States $111 B
7 Sergey Brin Google, United States $107 B
8 Larry Ellison Oracle, United States $106 B
9 Steve Ballmer Microsoft, United States $91.4 B
10 Mukesh Ambani Reliance Ind Ltd, India $90.7 B

World Competitiveness Index 2022: Globally

  • Denmark has moved to the top of the 63-nation list from the third position last year, while Switzerland slipped from the top ranking to the second position and Singapore regained the third spot from fifth, a global study showed.
  • Others in the top 10 include Sweden at the fourth position, followed by Hong Kong SAR (5th), the Netherlands (6th), Taiwan (7th), Finland (8th), Norway (9th) and the USA (10th).

About the World Competitiveness Index 2022:

  • IMD business school in Switzerland and Singapore released the 2022 World Competitiveness Ranking.
  • Its think-tank, IMD World Competitiveness Center, ranks 63 economies and assesses the extent to which a country promotes the prosperity of its people by measuring economic well-being via hard data and survey responses from executives.

Swachh Survekshan 2021 Ranking List PDF

Name of the City  Rank Score 
Indore 1st 5618.14
Surat 2nd 5559.21
Vijayawada 3rd 5368.37
Navi Mumbai 4th 5307.68
Pune 5th 4900.94
Raipur 6th 4811.40
Bhopal 7th 4783.53
Vadodara 8th 4747.96
GVMC Visakhapatnam 9th 4717.92
Ahmedabad 10th 4690.55
Rajkot 11th 4595.91
Lucknow 12th 4586.17
Greater Hyderabad 13th 4551.00
Thane 14th 4534.40
Gwalior 15th 4523.52
Chandigarh 16th 4277.29
Nashik 17th 4248.05
Ghaziabad 18th 4220.90
Pimpri Chinchwad 19th 3874.20
Jabalpur 20th 3856.45

What Are Indexes?

Index refers to the ranking secured by different countries on various parameters. These indices help us in a better understanding of two countries on similar parameters.
With the help of these indexes, it becomes very easy to compare both countries.
You can download India Ranking in Different Indexes 2022 PDF by clicking on the following download button.

India Ranking in Different Indexes 2022 pdf

India Ranking in Different Indexes 2022 PDF Download Link

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