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We celebrate 15th August every year as a national holiday in India to commemorate the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom on 15th August 1947. This is the day when the provisions of the Indian Independence Act of 1947 came into force. It transferred legislative sovereignty to the Constituent Assembly of India. Independence coincided with the partition of India, in which British India was divided on religious lines into the dominions of India and Pakistan.

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Good Morning Everyone!

Today we all are here to acknowledge our privilege of being born in a Free India and celebrate the 75th Independence day of our country. We need to ask those born before 1947, to know the pangs of the anguish of being enslaved under colonial rule. For every Indian in those days, it was indeed a Herculean task to fight against those powerful giants – the British.

Those difficult times and struggles must not be allowed to fade away from our memories. Hence, every Independence Day, we not only celebrate our freedom, but we also pay tribute to the ones who fought for it, to the ones who held a vision for our country, and to the ones who sacrificed themselves for the same.

The idea of being an independent nation, where sovereign power lies with us to determine our future, places a huge responsibility on our shoulders. The significance of its beautiful story is that this nation has gained respect from the world for the democratic route chosen by it. We can proudly say that India has never invaded any country in its 10000 years of history.

On this occasion, our thoughts turn first to Mahatma Gandhi, the man behind our struggle for freedom, and the martyrs who made the supreme sacrifice for our country’s liberty. We are also reminded of the relentless struggle of our great patriots who liberated our motherland from colonial rule.

Gandhiji was seeking liberty from both foreign rule and the indigenous social chains that had long incarcerated our society. Every other Indian was guided on a path of self-belief and hope for a better future. Democracy gives us the right to live freely as proud citizens of a country. Today, we are fortunate to live in one, due to the vision and sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

There is a big celebration each year in New Delhi at Rajpath, where the national anthem is sung after the Prime Minister hoists the flag. Also, a salute is given to the national flag by firing  21 guns with the national anthem, and flowers are also showered via helicopter. All the forces take part in parades. In the end, we can not merely say that 15th August is solely about freedom.

This day is a plethora of emotions, it reminds us of the pain of being enslaved; of the strength in unity; it defines sacrifice, it gives us an example that some wars can be won with non-violence and of all the things, it makes us value and cherishes the freedom we have today. It is our responsibility, as proud citizens of this country, to sincerely perform our duty and progress together for the growth and development of our country. Keeping the sacrifices of our ancestors in mind, we should take an oath, to carve a better future for our motherland.

Jai Hind!

You can download the Independence Day Speech in English 2022 PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Download Independence Day Speech in English 2022 PDF using below link

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