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Dear readers, here we are offering Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy PDF to all of you. If a person has a Pharmacy Degree, then whether it is Diploma Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master Degree or Doctorate Degree, his full time is to making medicines. All their time is spent researching medicines, learning about them, and keeping the medicines safe and delivering them to the sick person. All the time is spent in researching about medicines, and knowing about their chemical composition. To become a doctor, only one course is not helpful, but still many times the skill that a doctor can have, a person with a pharmacy gets to know how a doctor does it.

Pharmacy is a professional course that is very good and this its degree is done for the person concerned. That’s why many times you must have seen that the person sitting at the medical shop also gives you medicines after knowing about your disease, and those medicines often prove to be effective. Pharmacy is not just a subject, but it is a whole set of courses in itself. Apart from Pharmaceutics, this group of courses includes Medical Industry, Medicine Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, and Pharmacy practice.

Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy PDF






Hospital Pharmacy

  • Definition, scope, national and international scenario
  • Organizational structure
  • Professional responsibilities, Qualification and experience requirements, job specifications, workload requirements and inter-professional relationships
  • Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) in hospital
  • Hospital Pharmacy Standards (FIP Basel Statements, AHSP)
  • Introduction to NAQS guidelines and NABH Accreditation and Role of Pharmacists
2. Different Committees in the Hospital

  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee – Objectives, Composition, and functions
  • Hospital Formulary – Definition, procedure for development and use of hospital formulary
  • Infection Control Committee – Role of Pharmacist in preventing Antimicrobial Resistance
3. Supply Chain and Inventory Control

  • Preparation of Drug lists – High Risk drugs, Emergency drugs, Schedule H1 drugs, NDPS drugs, reserved antibiotics
  • Procedures of Drug Purchases – Drug selection, short term, long term, and tender/e-tender process, quotations, etc.
  • Inventory control techniques: Economic Order Quantity, Reorder Quantity Level, Inventory Turnover etc.
  • Inventory Management of Central Drug Store – Storage conditions, Methods of storage, Distribution, Maintaining Cold Chain, Devices used for cold storage (Refrigerator, ILR, Walk-in-Cold rooms)
  • FEFO, FIFO methods
  • Expiry drug removal and handling, and disposal. Disposal of Narcotics, cytotoxic drugs
  • Documentation – purchase and inventory
4. Drug Distribution

  • Drug distribution (in- patients and out – patients) – Definition, advantages and disadvantages of individual prescription order method, Floor Stock Method, Unit Dose Drug Distribution Method, Drug Basket Method.
  • Distribution of drugs to ICCU/ICU/NICU/Emergency wards.
  • Automated drug dispensing systems and devices
  • Distribution of Narcotic and Psychotropic substances and their storage
5. Compounding in Hospitals. Bulk compounding, IV admixture services and incompatibilities, Total parenteral nutrition 4
6. Radio Pharmaceuticals – Storage, dispensing and disposal of radiopharmaceuticals 2
7. Application of Computers in Hospital Pharmacy Practice, Electronic health records, Softwares used in hospital pharmacy 2
8.  Clinical Pharmacy: Definition, scope, and development – in India and other countries

Technical definitions, common terminologies used in clinical settings and their significance such as Paediatrics, Geriatric,

Anti-natal Care, Post-natal Care, etc.

Daily Activities of Clinical Pharmacists: Definition, goal, and procedure of

  • Ward round participation
  • Treatment chart review
  • Adverse drug reaction monitoring
  • Drug information and poisons information
  • Medication history
  • Patient counselling
  • Interprofessional collaboration

Pharmaceutical Care: Definition, classification of drug related problems. Principles and procedure to provide pharmaceutical Care

Medication Therapy Management, Home Medication Review

9 Clinical Laboratory Tests used in the evaluation of disease

states – significance and interpretation of test results

  • Haematological, Liver function, Renal function, thyroid function tests
  • Tests associated with cardiac disorders
  • Fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Pulmonary Function Tests
10 Poisoning: Types of poisoning: Clinical manifestations and Antidotes

Drugs and Poison Information Centre and their services –Definition, Requirements, Information resources with examples, and their advantages and disadvantages

11 Pharmacovigilance

  • Definition, aim and scope
  • Overview of Pharmacovigilance
12 Medication Errors: Definition, types, consequences, and strategies to minimize medication errors, LASA drugs and Tallman lettering as per ISMP

Drug Interactions: Definition, types, clinical significance of drug interactions


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Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy pdf

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