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Dear readers, here we are offering Hanuman Gita PDF to all of you. Hanuman Gita is one of the most important Holy Hindu scriptures in Hinduism. Lord Hanuman Ji is one of the most important deities in the Ramayana Ji. Lord Hanuman Ji played a very vital role in the life of Lord Rama.
Gita is also a very important holy scripture in Hinduism. So the Hanuman Gita is a very precious and useful scripture that can be used to know more about the Lord Hanuman Ji and his powers. You can read it and follow its teachings in your day-to-day life to overcome bad incidents.

Hanuman Gita PDF

One special day, shortly after the return of Mata Sita and Shree Rama, the Royal Assembly was packed with honorable people. Different walks of life had come from far and wide across Bharati (India) to witness the transformation of Prince Rama to King Ramathe’s coronation ceremony. Sugriva, Angada, Vibhisana, Laksmana, Bharata, Satrughna, and a host of valiant guest kings entered the large solar auditorium filled with people and highly embellished since the coronation of the Emperor and Empress.
Speaking with love and respect reflecting through their eyes, faces, words, and gestures, everyone took their seats in the assembly. With brilliant flashes of gems and polished weapons, shining silks, aesthetic music, sparkling faces, and jovial moods, the assembly radiated a superlative lightness that uplifted the spirit immediately upon entrance and effervescence that infused delight.
An amazing perfume wafted throughout the shining gemmed corridors and halls, galleys and balconies, and amongst the floors and stages. At last, the Royal Sages arrived and the entire assembly rose to greet them in honor. Accepting their seats on the stage, those resplendent Sages headed by Vasistha looked like suns, moons, and stars floating on earth. Then, to the musical sound of clarinets, conches, and drums, the Emperor and Empress entered and ascended the stage.
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