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Dear readers, here we are offering Gyanvapi Survey Report PDF details to all of you. Today, there are many updates that are about to come as the report by all the court commissioners will be submitted and the supreme court will direct the further matter based on the facts and arguments. It was said by many media houses that the Gyanvapi Survey report has been leaked by one of the court commissioners who was later removed by the Supreme court. I
t is said that a report is submitted in a sealed envelope and was shared by the lawyers of the petitioners hours later and it appears to back their claims of the presence of Hindu idols and symbols inside the Gyanvapi mosque. We cannot independently verify the details. There are many things that could be listed in the claimed Gyanvapi Survey Report that you can read in the following pdf.

Gyanvapi Survey Report Details PDF

Here are some apparent findings of the report:

  • The pillars in the basement of the mosque have engravings of flowers and a ‘kalash’ (pitcher).
  • Carvings in “ancient Hindi language” have been found on a pillar in the basement.
  • The symbol of a “Trishul” has been found on a wall of the basement.
  • The team found two large pillars and an arch protruding from the western wall of mosque. The petitioners call them remnants of temples, but the mosque committee opposes that claim.
  • A conical structure has been found below the central dome of mosque.
  • A stone below the third dome of the mosque has lotus engravings.
  • A round structure of 2.5 feet in height has been noticed in the pond in the mosque complex used for “Wazoo” (purification ritual before namaaz). Petitioners call it a “Shivling” but the mosque committee says it was a fountain.
  • While there has been no official reaction from the Gyanvapi mosque committee, sources called it “surprising” that a sensitive report was shared even before the court could see it or give an opinion. None of this, the sources say, answers the question — whether the video survey violates the law, specifically the Places of Worship Act of 1991, which maintains the religious status of any place of worship as it was on August 15, 1947.
  • The Varanasi court had earlier directed the inspection of the site, but the same had been challenged before the Allahabad High Court. The High Court dismissed the plea on April 21.
  • An appeal against the same is pending before the Supreme Court.
  • The suit before the civil court was filed by one Rakhi Singh and others who sought a declaration that their right to profess their religion as guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution is breached.
  • It was claimed that there are deities such as Maa Gauri, Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, etc at the site and that Hindus should be allowed to enter the site and offer their prayers and perform pooja, and offer bhog to their deities.
  • The civil judge after hearing the contentions had passed an order on August 18, 2021, appointing an advocate commissioner. The judge had also ordered the commissioner to visit the site and inspect and collect evidence as to whether the deities exist at the site. The commissioner was further given liberty to seek police force assistance in case of any disturbance or resistance to the collection of evidence by virtue of videography.

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