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Here we are presenting Govinda Namalu PDF for you. Govinda Namalu is a spiritual poem of Lord Venkateswara is an avtar of the supreme god Vishnu. This poem connects the devotees direct to god. The chanting of this mantra given physical and mental wellness power to the devotees. In this post, we have also provided the download link for Govinda Namalu English PDF.

Govinda Namalu English PDF

Srinivasa Govinda || Sri Venkatesha Govinda

Bhaktavatsala Govinda || Bhagavatapriya Govinda

Nithyanirmala Govinda || Neelameghashyama Govinda

Puranapurusha Govinda || Pundarikaksha Govinda

Nandanandana Govinda || Navaneethachora Govinda

Animal Husbandry Sri Govinda || Govinda asked for forgiveness

Dushtasanhara Govinda || Govinda

Govinda Govinda || Govt

Vajramakutadhara Govinda || Varahamoorthy Govinda

Gopijanalola Govinda || Govardhanoddhara Govinda

Dasharadhanandana Govinda || Dashamukhamardhana Govinda

Pakshivahana Govinda || Pandavapriya Govinda

Matsyakurma Govinda || Madhusudanahari Govinda

Varahanarusimha Govinda || Vamanabhrigurama Govinda

Balaramanuja Govinda || Buddhist Kalkidhara Govinda

Venuganapriya Govinda || Venkataramana Govinda

Sitanayaka Govinda || Govt

Poor Govinda || Founder Govinda

Orphan Govinda || Apadbhandava Govinda

Refugee Govinda || Karunasagara Govinda

Kamaladalaksha Govinda || Govinda

Destroyer Govinda || Pahimurare Govinda

Srimudrankita Govinda || Srivastava Govinda

Dharaninayaka Govinda || Dinakarteja Govinda

Padmavatipriya Govinda || Prasannamoorthy Govinda

Abhayahastapradarshana Govinda ||

Shankhachakradhara Govinda || Sarangadadhara Govinda

Virajatirtha Govinda || Govinda antidote

Salagramadhara Govinda || Sahasranama Govinda

Lakshmivallabha Govinda || Lakshmanagraja Govinda

Kasturitilaka Govinda || Kanchanambaradhara Govinda

Garudavahana Govinda || గజరాజరక్షక గోవిందా

Vanarasevita Govinda || Govt

Wada Govinda of the Seven Hills || Govinda uniform

Sri Ramakrishna Govinda || Raghukulanandana Govinda

Pratyakshadeva Govinda || Paramadayakara Govinda

Vajramakutadara Govinda || Vyjayanthimala Govinda

Vaddikasulavada Govinda || Vasudevatanayagovinda

Bilvapatrarchita Govinda || Beggar Govinda

Stripunrupa Govinda || Sivakeshavamurthy Govinda

Brahmanandarupa Govinda || Bhaktarakshaka Govinda

Nithya Kalyana Govinda || Neerajanabha Govinda

Hathiramapriya Govinda || Harisarvottama Govinda

Janardhanamoorthy Govinda || Jagatsakshirupa Govinda

Abhishekapriya Govinda || Apannivarana Govinda

Nityashubhaprada Govinda || నిఖిలలోకేశా గోవిందా

Anandarupa Govinda || Adyantarahita Govinda

Ihaparadayaka Govinda || E Bharajarakshaka Govinda

Govinda in Paramadayal || Padmanabhahari Govinda

Govindahari Govinda || Gokulanandana Govinda

Thirumalavasa Govinda || Tulsivanamala Govinda

Seshashai Govinda || Seshadrinilaya Govinda

Sri Srinivasa Govinda || Srivenkatesha Govinda

Govindahari Govinda || Gokulanandana Govinda

Om Shanti Shanti Shantih ||

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