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Gaurav Tekriwal Vedic Maths PDF Summary

Dear friends, here we are going to share Gaurav Tekriwal Vedic Maths PDF for all of you. Gaurav Tekriwal is the founder of the Vedic Maths Forum India. Gaurav is the author of Speed Math and his complete DVD set on the topic is popular among students and academicians worldwide.

Gaurav Tekrival is a four-time TED speaker and has been recently awarded the INDIAFRICA Young Visionaries Fellowship by the ministry of external affairs, India. So guys if this topic is valuable for you and thus you want to know more information about this topic then you can read this article properly.

Vedic Maths Formulas with Examples PDF

1) Dividing A Large Number By 5

Tell me, how do you generally divide a large digit number by 5? And, how much time do you take to solve such sums? Here is your challenge-

divide 2128 by 5. Before you start, start the timer.

Done in 2 secs? Ok! 4 secs? No? Well, next time divide the number using this Vedic Trick and note down the time taken to solve the sum.

So, what are the steps?

1st step. Multiply the number by 2
2nd step: Move the decimal point to the left.
3rd step: Left side of the decimal point is your answer.

For example: 245 / 5 =?
Step 1. 245 * 2 = 490
Step 2. Move the decimal: 49.0 or just 49

Let’s try another: 2129 / 5
Step 1: 2129 * 2 = 4258
Step2: Move the decimal: 425.8 or just 425

Now you try to solve 16951/5, 2112/5, 4731/5

2) Multiply Any Two-digit Number By 11

Use this Vedic Math trick to complete multiplication in just 2 seconds. So, let’s see how you can reduce your calculation using this Vedic Trick.

For example:

32 x 11

32 * 11 = 3 (3+2) 2 = 352
So, the answer is: 32 * 11 =352

Another Example:

52 x 11 = 5 (5+2) 2 = 572

Now try 35*11, 19*11, 18*11.

3) Multiplication Of Any 3-digit Numbers

Suppose you want to multiply these 2 numbers: 306 and 308

Step 1. Now subtract the unit place digit from the actual number.

Step 2. Now select any (1st or 2nd) number and add the unit digit of the other number

Step 3. Now we will multiply the product we got in step 2 and step 1; 314×300 = 94200

Step 4. Unit digits of both the numbers are 8 & 6. The product of these 2 numbers: 8×6=48

Step 5. Last step: 94200 + 48 = 94248

So our final answer 306 x 308 = 306 is 94248

Solve these sums using the same method and feel the difference- 808*206, 536*504, 408*416.

4) Find The Square Value

Finding the square of a number by using the Vedic Maths Trick is easy. Just follow the below steps:

Step 1. Choose a base closer to the original number.
Step 2. Find the difference of the number from the base.
Step 3. Add the difference with the original number.
Step 4. Multiply the result with the base.
Step 5. Add the product of the square of the difference with the result of the above point.

(99) ² =?

Step 1. Choose 100 as base
Step 2. Difference: 99-100 = -1
Step 3. Add the number with the difference that you got in Step 2 = 99 + (-1) = 98
Step 4. Multiplying result with base = 98*100 = 9800
Step 5. Now, add result with the square of the difference= 9800 + (-1)² = 9801
So our answer is : (99) ² = 9801

For your practice: (98)², (97)², (102)², (101)².

If you check any competitive exam paper, you will find a lot of Math problems that can be solved easily & quickly using these Vedic Math Tricks.

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Gaurav Tekriwal Vedic Maths pdf

Gaurav Tekriwal Vedic Maths PDF Download Link

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