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Free download PDF of EPFO Unified Portal Member Home using the direct link provided at the bottom of the PDF description.


EPFO Unified Portal Member Home - Description

Greetings to all, Today we are going to upload the EPFO ​​Unified Portal Member Home PDF for the assistance of all of you. As we all know that all the persons registered in EPFO ​​can log in through EPFO ​​Member Home. This page will ask you for a UAN number and password through which you can easily check all the details related to your EPF account. On the other hand, individuals can use only one mobile number for one enrollment. One can access his passbook through the homes of EPFO ​​members but the facility of passbook is not available for those members who are exempted under the EPF Scheme 1952.

EPFO Unified Portal Member Home PDF- All Details

The EPFO member home also keeps you updated about the notices issued by EPFO. You can see the various updates and information and download them in the form of a PDF file. The notices you will find on the Member Home Page are:-

  • You can see the notices about linking your Aadhaar Card to your EPF Account.
  • Check the benefits of the Unorganised workers registering on the e-Sharm Portal.
  • You will always need an Aadhar for filming ECR.
  • You can check all the important notices about EDLI.
  • The Member Home page also gives you the link to download a PDF that has all the information about linking your Bank Account with UAN.

Services and Benefits of EPFO Unified Portal

The EPFO Unified Portal gives you many services through which you can manage your EPF account. There are a lot of benefits of the Unified Portal that will be convenient for you and save your time and effort.
Check PF Balance and Statement
The Unified Portal has the option to check your EPFO balance. On the other hand, you can also download statements from your EPFO account and view them on the portal.
Online Claim Submission
You can also submit the claim online through the Member Unified Portal. There are also some Withdrawal Claim Rules that you should know and they can be opened through the same portal.
Download UAN Card
If you are willing to download a UAN card then this service is also available on the same portal. You will have to go through some simple steps and download the UAN card from the same portal.
Uploads Documents
To complete your KYC or update your KYC, you can upload the document details online on the Unified Member Portal. This service saves time and the effort to visit the branch because you can update and complete your KYC online through the Unified Page.
Link Aadhaar to EPF Account
If you haven’t linked your Aadhaar with your EPF account then you can do the same with the Unified Portal. This service is available 24×7 and the whole Aadhar linking process will be online.
You can check the whole details of the EPFO Unified Portal Member Home PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Download EPFO Unified Portal Member Home PDF using below link

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