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EPF Return Form 6A - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering EPF Return Form 6A PDF to all of you. Provident Fund is a social security system that was started with the aim of financially securing the retirement years of an employee. The annual return must be filed by 30 April in a given year. This article examines the annual filing of Provident Fund returns and the forms used to fulfill the purpose. PF registration is applicable for employers with more than 20 employees in India. Contribution under PF is made by the employer and the employee on a monthly basis. With few exceptions, the PF contribution can be withdrawn only by the employee at the time of his retirement. Form 3A known as Annual Contribution Card of the member shows the month-wise contribution made by the subscriber/member and employer towards EPF and Pension Fund in a particular year. The data is calculated for each member who is part of the plan.

EPF Return Form 6A PDF Overview

Form 6A is a consolidated annual contribution statement that contains details about the annual contributions of each member of the establishment. The form should include the details as enumerated below:

  • Account Number
  • Name of the member/subscriber
  • Wages, Retaining allowance (if any) and D.A. including cash value of food concession paid during the currency period
  • Amount of worker’s contribution deducted from the wages
  • Employers contribution (EPF and Pension)
  • Refund of advances
  • Rate of higher voluntary contribution (if any)
  • Remarks

Besides, the following details shall be included in the ‘Amount Remitted’ column of the form:

  • Month of contribution
  • Remitted contribution including refund of advances
  • Pension fund contribution
  • EDLI Contribution
  • Administration charges
  • Aggregate contributions

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