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Dear readers, here we are offering Entrepreneurial Development PDF to all of you. Entrepreneurship development programs should be prepared to keep in view the above ideas that promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship towards competitive development and quality is the biggest need of today’s time, it is very important for their thinking to be world-class and work efficient There is an old saying that “Entrepreneurs are born not made”. This saying does not prove to be meaningful in today’s era. It has been proved that through well-planned entrepreneurship development programs in a person, the potential of entrepreneurship can be developed. There are short-term training programs and their duration ranges from a week to 3 months.

Entrepreneurial Development PDF

  • Entrepreneurship is a consistent process of being inspired, adventurous, and prepared. It plays a vital role in economic development and brings significant changes in the economies of the market.
  • In the light of changing business scenario, earlier studies have shown certain factors that affect entrepreneurial development.
  • In the present study, an effort has been made to study those factors that affect entrepreneurial development in the wake of changing business scenarios from an Indian perspective.
  • The idea was to explore these factors for creating a platform for further research. It was observed that many researchers have analyzed entrepreneurial orientations, entrepreneurs’ behavior, personality traits, and leadership styles.
  • The impact of entrepreneurial education on youth, and various exogenous factors affecting entrepreneurial orientations (innovativeness, the risk-taking capacity of entrepreneurs, proactiveness, info-seeking behavior) like, cultural/ethnic background, family businesses background, and emotional intelligence (EI) are also studied.
  • However the majority of these observations are from the studies conducted mainly in developed parts of the world like the USA, European Counties, Japan, & some of them from China.
  • A few studies have been identified in developing countries.
  • The Plethora of Indian studies rests around limited topics only.
  • However, Indian perspectives were found missing. This literature review can create a platform for further study in the Indian scenario.

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Entrepreneurial Development pdf

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