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English Grammar Topics List PDF Summary

Hello readers, in this article we are going to offer English Grammar Topics List PDF to help those candidates who are learning English speaking. English grammar is the main structure of English speaking and writing sections. English grammar is a very easy language which you can learn very easily. Grammar makes sentences perfect and easy to understand. In this post, you can download the All Grammar Topics List in English PDF by using the link below.

The students who are looking for English grammar topics to learn English speaking can download all important topics here free of cost. These all grammar topics help you to learn English speaking frequently.

English Grammar Topics List PDF


  1. Gendered nouns
  2. Singular and plural nouns including irregular plural nouns
  3. Countable and uncountable nouns
  4. Definite pronouns
  5. Indefinite pronouns
  6. Compound nouns
  7. Capitalization rules for nouns
  8. Nationalities in English
  9. Forming the possessive


  • Definition of adjectives
  • Recognizing and placing adjectives in sentences
  • The order of adjectives when using several in a row
  • Forming comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Using adjectives to compare attributes
  • Adjectives describing equal quantities
  • Adjectives describing unequal quantities


  • What adverbs are and what they are for
  • Forming adverbs from adjectives
  • Forming the comparative and the superlative of adverbs
  • Adverbs of place
  • Adverbs of time
  • Adverbs of manner
  • Adverbs of degree
  • Adverbs of certainty
  • Viewpoint and commenting adverbs
  • Relative adverbs
  • Interrogative adverbs


  • The definite article: the
  • Indefinite articles: a, an
  • Demonstratives: this, that, these, those
  • Pronouns and possessive determiners: my, your, his, her, its, our, their
  • Quantifiers: a few, a little, much, many, a lot of, most, some, any, enough
  • Numbers: one, ten, thirty
  • Distributives: all, both, half, either, neither, each, every
  • Difference words: other, another
  • Pre-determiners: such, what, rather, quite


  • Direct and indirect speech
  • Tense changes when reporting speech
  • Changing time and place references when reporting speech
  • Question forms and reporting speech
  • Verbs used for reporting speech in English
  • Reporting orders, requests, and suggestions
  • Reporting hopes, intentions, and promises

English Grammar Topics List PDF – Punctuation

  • The period (or full stop in British English)
  • The comma
  • The exclamation mark
  • The question mark
  • The colon
  • The semicolon
  • The quotation mark
  • The apostrophe
  • The hyphen and the dash
  • Parentheses and brackets

Relative clauses

  • Defining clauses
  • Non-defining clauses

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English Grammar Topics List pdf

English Grammar Topics List PDF Download Link

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