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Eka Sloki Bhagavatam Tamil - Description

Dear readers, here we are offering Eka Sloki Bhagavatam in Tamil PDF to all of you. Eka Sloki Bhagavatam means by reciting this you can seek the results of the whole Shri Bhagavatam. Eka Sloki Bhagavatam is one of the most important hymns in the Hindu Dharma.
If you want to know about the complete Bhagavatam and having lack time or you want to take the advantage of the whole Bhagavatam Path then you can recite Eka Sloki Bhagavatam which is the conclusion of the complete Bhagavatam Purana.

Eka Sloki Bhagavatam Lyrics in Tamil PDF

ஆதௌ³ தே³வகிதே³விக³ர்ப⁴ஜநநம் கோ³பீக்³ரு’ஹே வர்த⁴நம்

மாயாபூதநஜீவிதாபஹரணம் கோ³வர்த⁴நோத்³தா⁴ரணம் ।

கம்ஸச்சே²த³நகௌரவாதி³ஹநநம் குந்தீஸுதாம் பாலநம்

ஏதத்³பா⁴க³வதம் புராணகதி²தம் ஶ்ரீக்ரு’ஷ்ணலீலாம்ரு’தம் ।

இதி ஶ்ரீபா⁴க³வதஸூத்ர ॥

Eka Sloki Bhagavatam Meaning in English PDF

Shri Krishna’s charitam in short is that he is Devaki’s son,

Gopi’s admiration, Putana’s killer, holder of Govardhan Giri,

slayer of Kansa, destroyer of Kauravas, protector of Kunti’s sons

and the central figure of Srimad Bhagavata PurAnam.

Starting with birth from the womb of Devaki, growth in the

house of cow-herds, killing of Putana, lifting of

Govardhana mountain, the cutting of Kamsa and the killing

of kauravas, protecting the sons of KuntI – This is

BhAgavataM as told in the epics. This is the nectar of Shri

Krishna’s LIlA (sport).

This is an aphorism on Srimad BhAgavataM.

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