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E-Aadhar Card Online - Description

Hello friends, today we are giving you information about the E-Aadhar Card Online Download PDF through our article. This article will provide you with the steps for downloading the Adhar Card online. An Aadhar, the 12-digit unique number is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
It is considered valid proof and needed as an important document for availing of government subsidies or grants and to get benefits from any Govt. Scheme. There are three forms of Aadhar Cards  available:

E-Aadhar Card Online PDF- Details

1) Aadhar Letter
Your Aadhar letter is delivered by post. Once Aadhar is generated, you also get an SMS on your registered mobile.
2) E-Aadhar
You can download the e-Aadhar card through the UIDAI website also. It is a digital version of your Aadhar card. The e-Aadhar will be in PDF form and is accepted all over the country, without any exceptions.
3) Aadhaar PVC card
The new Aadhar PVC Card comes with enhanced security features and is more convenient to carry. The security features include a QR code with photograph and demographic details, hologram, micro text, ghost image, issue, and print date, and an embossed Aadhar logo. You will be able to carry this Aadhar card in your wallet, just like your ATM or debit cards.
All these three forms are equally valid. “Residents can use any form of Aadhar and all forms of Aadhar are acceptable, without giving any preference to one form of Aadhar over the other.
The users can download the E-Aadhar Card Online PDF by clicking the Download button given at the bottom of the page.

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