Dua e Joshan e Kabeer Full PDF

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Hello, friends today we are going to upload Dua e Joshan e Kabir Full PDF for all of you. Dua e Joshan e Kabir is one of the prayers recited by the followers of Islam in the Muslim community. If you are also a follower of Islam and want to recite this Dua e Joshan e Kabir then you can get it here.
Dua e Joshan e Kabir is not only available in Urdu but you can also find Hindi translation of Dua e Joshan e Kabir so that you can not only read it in Urdu but also understand its meaning in Hindi to get a proper description of Supplication.

Dua e Joshan e Kabeer Full PDF

Bismilla Hir Rahma Nir Rahim
Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa Aale Mohammad.
“Sobhanaka Ya Laa Illaha Illa Anta! Ghavsal-Ghavsal Ghavsa Khallisna Minan-Nare Ya Rabbe.”
(Note: To be repeated after each Dua’a.)
There is no deity but Thou Who art above all defects. Thou art the best of all protectors. Protect us from the fire of hell, O’ Lord.
(1) For Success in Difficult Works:
“Alla-Houma Inni As’aloka Be-lsmeka Yaa Allaho, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahimo, Ya Karimo, Ya Moqimo, Ya ‘Azimo, Ya Qadimo, Ya ‘Alimo, Ya Halimo, Ya Hakeemo.”
O’ Allah! I beseech Thee in Thy Own name.
O’ AI’ah! O’ the most Merciful! O’ the Bountiful! O’ the Self-Subsisting! O’ the Great! O’ the Eternal Being! O’ the Omniscient! O’ the Forbearing, O’ the Wisest!
(2) For Victory & Prosperity
Ya Syyedas-sada-te, Ya Mojeebad-da’vate, Ya Rafe’ad-darajate, Ya Vali-yal hasanate,
Ya Ghaferal-Khati’ate, Ya Mo’ti-yal Mas’alate Ya Qabi-Iat-tavbate, Ya Same’al-Asvate, Ya ‘Alemal-Khafi-yate, Ya Dafe’al Bali yate.
O’ the Chief of all Chiefs! O’ the Acceptor of Prayers! O’ the Elevator of Ranks! O’ the Master of Virtues! O’ the Forgiver of sins!
O’ the Grantor of Requests! O’ the Acceptor of Penance! O’ the Hearer of all voices! 0′ one who knows all mysteries! O’ the Remover of calamities:
(3) For Victory & Dignity
Ya Khairal Ghafereena, Ya Khairal-Fate-heena, Ya Khairan-Nasereena, Ya Khairal-
Hakemeena, Ya Khairar-Razeqeena, Ya Khairal-Vareseena, Ya Khairal-Hamedeena, Ya Khairaz-Zakereena, Ya Khairal-Moonzeleena, Ya Khairal-Mohseneena.
O’ the Best of Forgivers! O’ the Best of Deciders! O’ the Best of helpers! O’ the Best of Rulers! 0′ the Best of Providers of sustenance! O’ the Best of Heirs! O’ the Best of Praisers! O’ the Best of those who remember! O’ the Best of Dischargers! O’ the Best of
(4) For Grandeur in Life and Life Hereafter
Ya Man Lahool’lzzato Val-Jamalo, Ya Man Lahool-Qoodrato Val-Kamalo, Ya Man
Lahool-Moolko Val-Jalalo, Ya Man Hoval Kabeerol-Moota’alo, Ya Moonshi’as-sahabis-
Seqale, Ya Man Hova Shadeedol- Mehale, Ya Man Hova Saree’ool Hisabe, Ya Man Hova Shadeedool ‘Iqabe, Ya Man ‘Indahoo Hoosnas Savabe, Ya Man ‘Indahoo Oommool Kitabe.
O’ one for Whom is all the Glory and Virtue! O’ one for Whom is all Might and Perfection! O’ one for Whom is Majesty! O’ one Who is Great and Supreme! O’ the Creator of heavy clouds’ O’ one Who is the Mightiest! O’ one Who is the inflictor of severest punishment! O’ one Who is quick in reckoning! O’ one with Whom is the excellent reward! O’ one with Whom is Oommool-Kitab (the Original Book)!
(5) For Honour & Exaltation and Expedition of Important Affairs
(Optional- To be recited 40 times).
Alla-Hoomma Inni Asa’aloka Be-lsmeka Ya Hannano, Ya Mannano, Ya Dyyano, Ya
Boorhano, Ya Sooltano, Ya Rizvano, Ya Ghoofrano, Ya Sobhano, Ya Moosta’ano, Ya
Zal-Manne Val-Be-Yane:
O’ Allah! Verily I ask Thee in Thy name O’ the Kind! O’ the Benevolent! O’ the Requitor! O’ the Bright sign! O’ the King! O’ the Gratifier! O’ the Forgiver! O’ Free from defects! O’ Helper of the helpless! O’ the Master of Blessings and the Manifestor or things!
(6) For Blessings & Promotion in Ranks
Ya Man Tavaze’a Koollo Shai’in Le, Azmatehi, Ya Manis-taslama Koollo Shai’in
Le-Qoodratehi, Ya Man Zalla Koollo Shai’in le-‘izzatehi, Ya Man Khaza’a Koollo Shai’in
Le-Haibatehi, Ya Man Inqade Koolo Shai’in M in-Khas-ya-tehi, Ya Man Tashaqqa-til-Jebalo Min Makhafatehi, Ya Man Qamatis-Samavato Be-Amrehi. Ya Manis-Taqarratil-Arzoona Be-Iznehi, Ya Myn-Yosabbehoor-Ra’do Be-Hamdehi, Ya Mal-Ia Ya’tadi ‘ Alaa Ahle Mamlokatehi.
O’ one before Whose Greatness bows every thing! O’ one before Whose might everything
is humble! 0′ one Whose might overawes everything into submission O’ one to Whom everything submits out of fear! O’ one Whom everything obeys out of fear! O’ one out of Whose fear mountains break into fragments! O’ one by Whose command the heavenly vaults are supported! O’ one by Whose order the earth is in equilibrium! O’ one Whose praise the thunder (of clouds) recites! O’ He Who is never cruel to His slaves!
(7) For Removal of Calamities & Promotion in Ranks
Ya Ghaferal-Khataya. Ya Kashefal Balaya-Ya Moontahar-Rajaya, Ya Moojzelal-‘ Ataya,
Ya Vahebal-Hadaya, Ya Razeqal-Baraya,Ya Qazeyal-Munaya. Ya Same ash Shakaya, Ya Ba’esal-Baraya, Ya Mootlaqal-Oosara.
O’ He Who pardons errors! O’ He Who dispels! O’ He Who is the goal of all hopes! O’ one profusely generous! O’ the bestower of bounties! O’ Provider of all creatures with sustenance! O’ the Judge of creatures! O’ the Hearer of complaints! O’ the Resurrector of creatures! O’ the Releaser of prisoners!
(8) For Protection From Chastisement in this life and in the life hereafter
Ya Zal Hamde Vas-Sanaa’ay, Ya Zal-Fakhre Val-Bahaa’ay, Ya Zal-Majde Vas-Sanaa’ay
Ya Zal’ Ahde Val-vafaa’ay Ya Zal-‘ Afvay Var-Rizaa-‘ay, Ya ZalManne Val’Ataa’ay, Ya
Zal-Fazle Val-Qazaa’ay, Ya Zal-izze Val-Baqaa’ay, Ya Zal-Joode Vas-sakhaa’ay Ya Zal-Alaa’ay Van-na-maa’ay
O’ to Whom is due all praise and adoration! O’ the proud and the Preeminent! O’ the Honoured and of Elevated Rank! O’ the Maker of Promises and their Fulfiller! O’ the Most Generous and Agreeable! O’ the Benefactor and Bestower 0′ the Master of Kindness and Judgement O’ the Giorious and Eternall O’ the Most Munificent and the Most Generous! O’ the Master of plentifui bounties!
(9) For Removal from Fear and Diseases
Alla-Hoomma Inni As’aioka Be-Ismeka,Ya Mane’o, Ya Da-fe’o, Ya Rafe’o Ya Saneo Ya Nafe’o, Ya Same’o, Ya Jame’o Ya Shafe’o Ya Vase’o, Ya Moos”se’o.
O’ Allah! Verily I beg Thee in Thy name O’ the Preventor of misfortune I O’ the Remover of calamities! O’ the Elevator of ranks I O’ the Creator I O’ the Benefiter ! O’ the Hearer I O’ the Aggregator! O’ the Intercessor! O’ the Bounteous! O’ the Increaser of blessings!
(10) For Acceptance of Duties
Ya Sane’o Koolle Masnoo’in, Ya Khaliqa Koolle Makhlooqin.
Ya Razeq-a Kolle Marzooqin, Ya Maleka Koolle Mamlookin.
Yo Kashefa Koolle Makroobin, Ya Fareja Koolle Mahmoomin
Ya Rahema Koolle Marhoomin,Ya Nasira Koolle Makhzoolin.
Ya Satira Koolle Ma’yoobin, Ya Malja Koolle Matroodin.
O’ the Maker of all things! O’ the Creator of all creatures! O’ the Provider with sustenance to all those (creature) who receive it! O’ the Master of all slaves! O’ the Expeller of all hardships! O’ the Gratifier of all those stricken with sorrow! O’ the Merciful to ail those who deserve mercy! O’ the helper of all those who is downcast and in disgrace!
O’ the Concealer of defects of all defectives! O’ the Shelter for all out-caste:
(11) For Protection from Vice and increase in Sustenance:
Ya Ooddati ‘Inda Shiddati, Ya Rajaa’ee Inda Moosibati,
Ya Moonesi ‘Inda Vah-shati, Ya Sahebi Inda Ghoorbati,
Ya Valiye ‘Inda Ne’mati, Ya Gheyasi Inda Koorbati, Ya Daleeli ‘Inda Hairati, Ya Ghenaa’ee Indaf-teqari Ya Mal-Jaa’ee ‘inda Iztarari, Ya Mooghisi ‘Inda Mafza’ee.
O’ my Trustee in hardship! O’ the Source of my hope in every misfortune! O’ my Companion in my isolation! O’ my Companion in my journey! O’ my Friend in ease! 0′ my Rescuer from hardships! O’ my Guide in my deviation! O’ my Resource in my indigence! O’ my Shelter in my helplessness! O’ my Helper in fear!
(12) For Protection from Calamities and for Good Fortune
Ya ‘ Allamal Ghoyoobe, Ya Ghaffaraz-zonoobe Ya Sattaral ‘Oyoobe,
Ya Kashefal-Koroobe,Ya Moqal-lebal-Qoloobe.
Ya Tabibool.Qoloobe a Moonav-veral-Qoloobe
Ya Aneesal-Qoloobe,Ya Mofarrejal-Homoome.
Ya Moonaf-fesal-Ghomoome; Sobhanaka.
O’ one Who knows the concealed (objects and affairs)! O’ the Forgiver of sins! O’ the Concealer of defects! O’ the Expeller of pains! O’ the Changer of hearts! O’ the Brightener of hearts! O’ the Physician of hearts! O’ the Friend of hearts!
O’ the Dispeller of worries (and fear)! O’ the Liberator from griefs!
(13) For Removal of Eye Pain
Alla-hooma Inni Asa’aloka Be-lsmeka, Ya Jaleelo, Ya Jameelo,
Ya Vakeelo, Ya Kafeelo, Ya Daleelo, Ya Qabeelo, Ya Modeelo,
Ya Moneelo, Ya Moqeelo Ya Moheelo, .
O’ Allah! Verily I beg Thee in Thy name, O’ the Grand! O’ the Virtuous! O’ the Protector! O’ the Patron! O’ the Guide! O’ the Guarantor of sustenance! O’ the Bestower of wealth! O’ the Bestower of blessings! O’ the Giver of strength! O’ the Acceptor (of apology)!
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Dua e Joshan e Kabeer Full pdf

Dua e Joshan e Kabeer Full PDF Download Link

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