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Dear readers, here we are offering Discuss Coolie As A Social Novel PDF to all of you. The novel “Coolie” was written in three months and was published in 1936 by Lawrence and Wiskart. The novel was one of the most popular works of Anand. It is translated into more than thirty-eight languages around the world. It shares not only the author’s social rage but also its immense popularity.
It has been widely praised by readers, scholars, and critics alike. The novel “Two Leaves and a Bud” takes its title from the simple refrain, which the tea leaves gatherers recite as they pick two leaves and a bud. Most of Anand’s social concerns voiced in “Coolie” are introduced also in “Two Leaves and a Bud” which is in a way, an extension and enlargement of the scenes and affairs relating to the Bombay cotton mills of the former novel.
The novel Coolie is an angry comment on the tragic denial to a simple peasant of the fundamental right to happiness. Munoo and his fellow coolies are exploited by the forces of industrialism, capitalism, communalism, and colonialism. Humanitarian compassion distorts action and character even more disastrously in Two Leaves and a Bud, though the novel has its better points.

Discuss Coolie As A Social Novel PDF

  • Mulk raj Anand is a pioneer of an Indian novel written in English. His three novels Untouchables (1935), Coolie (1936), and Two leaves and a bud (1937) were produced in quick succession, and being the product of what he called “the pink decade”. Coolie is a sequel to Anand‟s first novel.
  • The canvas of the novel is wider and more varied. Coolie is truly a picaresque novel, an epic of thousands of “coolies” in India. Criticism of society is prevalent essentially in all literature. Mulk raj Anand wrote to denounce the society based on all kinds of distinctions- of caste, color, creed, and last but not the least, the distinction between rich and poor.
  • Munoo, the central character of the novel, is the poorest of the poor. The novel mainly focuses on the distinction of rich and poor. Munoo, to begin with, is a child, and that too an orphan, whose parents died in utter poverty, leaving him nothing to fall back upon.
  • He was hardly fourteen when he was engaged in domestic help by his uncle and aunty. The novel opens with his aunt calling for him to hurry up as his uncle is shortly to depart for the town of Sham Nagar where the boy is to be engaged as a servant in the house of Babu Nathoo Ram, a clerk in the Imperial Bank of India, where his uncle worked as a peon. His name is Munoo but his uncle alternatively calls hi Mandu, a child servant, in the hills and Punjab.
  • No wonder munoo has already become Mandu in his uncle‟s house, as he gazes cattles. As a Novelist with a mission of reorganizing society in a way that would be of lasting benefit to all classes of people, Anand is not against work, but labor that takes away the play of one‟s childhood, or aspirations of one‟s youth or the dignity of one‟s old age.
  • Munoo is engaged as a servant as if orphans and the poor were destined to work as slaves. Ispo facto, the social setup as sketched in the novel, is a slave order. He is not the only child servant but there are many more “Munoos” working in the neighboring houses. It appears as if servility is fated. His uncle is a slave to the clerk, clerk to the chief cashier, and chief cashier to the manager of the bank. Anand is not against the order in any society, but he protests against slavery which people accept as given.

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