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Dear readers. here we are offering Dimensions of Globalisation PDF to all of you. Dimensions of Globalisation help to identify the various aspects of Globalisation. Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide.
In today’s scenario, people want to expand their businesses and ventures on the international level so that they can target a worldwide audience and establish their business in the international market to overcome the domestic competitive environment and atmosphere.

Dimensions of Globalisation PDF


Dimensions of Globalization


1. Economic Economic globalization is the intensification and stretching of economic interrelations around the globe. It encompasses such things as the emergence of a new global economic order, the internationalization of trade and finance, the changing power of transnational corporations, and the enhanced role of international economic institutions.
2. Political Political globalization is the intensification and expansion of political interrelations around the globe. Aspects of political globalization include the modern-nation state system and its changing place in today’s world, the role of global governance, and the direction of our global political systems.
3. Military Military globalization, as subdomain of political globalization, is defined as the intensification and stretching of military power across the globe through various means of military power (nuclear military weapons, radiation weapons simply weapons of mass destruction). This form of globalization occurs across offensive and defensive uses of power and survival in international field. Beyond states, global organizations such as the United Nations also extend military means globally through support given by both Global North and South countries.
4. Cultural Cultural globalization is the intensification and expansion of cultural flows across the globe. Culture is a very broad concept and has many facets, but in the discussion on globalization, Steger means it to refer to “the symbolic construction, articulation, and dissemination of meaning.” Topics under this heading include discussion about the development of a global culture, or lack thereof, the role of the media in shaping our identities and desires, and the globalization of languages.
5. Ecological Topics of ecological globalization include population growth, access to food, worldwide reduction in biodiversity, the gap between rich and poor as well as between the global North and global South, human-induced climate change, and global environmental degradation.

Dimensions of Globalisation PDF – Introduction

  • Globalization is the term that has globalized itself in the past few years. It has caused debates starting from
    the meaning of the term to the impacts of the process. Some excessively believe that globalization has had huge impacts on all the sectors of life.
  • Some just take the word for granted and claim that there has been an exaggeration of reactions to the word. The latter party even extremely claims that there is no such thing as globalization.
  • Regardless of the question of whether globalization does exist or not, this paper argues that there are indeed some marks left by what is so-called the global borderless phenomenon that affects all regions of the world in a variety of sectors including the economy, technology, politics, the media, culture, and the environment.
  • To identify its marks, globalization can then be examined by breaking down these dimensions. The next big debate among scholars and policy educational measures or policies to anticipate the impacts of globalization on the society in the dimensions mentioned above.
  • The debates mostly lay on the matter of whether a nation has skillful and well-prepared people to play the
    role in a competitively globalized world and on how to retain one’s cultural identity in a multicultural society.
  • One critical issue that emerges from all of these restructuring processes is the central role of knowledge,
    education, and technology. These things are becoming increasingly important factors of production. More
    importantly, some scholars argue, that land, labor, and capital.
  • Realizing a mixture of impacts of globalization
    and the need to have a set of educational tools to deal with the issues, this essay proposes some implications for the leadership and management of education in ensuring an appropriate education for the challenge and the trends that globalization brings.

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