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Dear readers, here we are offering David Kinsley 10 Mahavidya PDF to all of you. 10 Mahavidyas have special importance in Tantra. Their worship and meditation give special results. Seven Mahavidyas out of 10 Mahavidyas are sitting at different places in Datia. The temple of the six Mahavidyas is in Datia city and the temple of the seventh Mahavidya is in Barauni town.

In Hinduism, Dashavatar is also considered to be the incarnation of Mahavidyas. Pt. Lalit Bihari Vyas explains that ten Mahavidyas are ten forms of Goddess Durga. 10 incarnations are associated with these 10 forms. He is considered to be the incarnation of Mahavidya. He is worshiped by Tantrik Sadhaks.

David Kinsley 10 Mahavidya PDF

1. Kali is black, which in fact is what her name means. She has a fierce countenance, stands on the supine body of the god Siva, and has four arms. Her upper left-hand holds a bloodied cleaver and her lower left hand has a severed head. Her right upper hand makes the sign “fear not,” and her lower right-hand makes the gesture of bestowing boons. She is naked, apart from a garland of severed heads and a girdle of severed arms; her hair is unbound and disheveled; and she is often standing in a cremation ground or on a battlefield. She is almost always mentioned as the first of the Mahavidyas and occupies a preeminent place in the group. In some texts and in some settings, the other Mahavidyas are understood to arise from her and to be her different forms.

2. Tara is usually given as the second Mahavidya, and in appearance, she is similar to Kali. She is dark; her left foot is placed on a corpse or on Siva; she wears tiger skin; her hair is tied in a long braid; she is potbellied and has four arms. In her left hand, she holds a knife and a severed head, and her right hands make the signs of giving favors and granting fearlessness. She often stands in the midst of a cremation fire.

3. Sodas! (also known as Tripura-Sundari, Lalita, and Rajarajesvari) is a beautiful young girl of sixteen with a red complexion. She is sometimes shown astride Siva in sexual intercourse. They are on a pedestal or couch supported by the gods Brahma, Visnu, Rudra, and Indra. Some descriptions say that the four gods who support her pedestal are Brahma, Visnu, Rudra, and Yama. Sometimes she is said to sit on a lotus that emerges from the navel of Siva, who is reclining below her. Her four arms hold a noose, goad, bow, and arrows.

4. Bhuvanesvari, who is said to nourish the three worlds, holds a piece of fruit in one of her four hands, makes the sign of assurance with another, and holds a goad and a noose in the other two. Her breasts are large and ooze milk. She has a bright, light complexion and smiles pleasantly.

5. Chinnamasta has cut off her own head with a sword. Her left hand supports her head on a platter, and her right-hand holds the sword with which she cut it off. Three jets of blood gush from her neck: one stream enters the mouth of her severed head; the other two jets enter the mouths of two female companions. Chinnamasta stands on the copulating bodies of the goddess Rati and her husband Kama, the god of sexual lust. They in turn are lying on a lotus or sometimes a cremation pyre. Sometimes Chinnamasta (with her head chopped off) is shown astride Siva, copulating with him as he lies beneath her. Her hair is loose, and she is naked.

6. Bhairavi has a fierce appearance; her primary role in the cosmic process is destruction. Her complexion is said to be as bright as thousands of rising suns. She wears a garland of skulls and clothes made from the skins of demons she has killed; her feet and breasts are covered with blood. Her four hands hold a rosary and a book and make the signs of fearlessness and granting wishes. The Kdlikd-purana says that her eyes roll from intoxication and that she stands on a corpse.

7. Dhumavati is tall, with a pale complexion and a stern, unsmiling face. She is dressed as a widow, in white clothes with no adornments. Her clothes are dirty and her hair is disheveled. She is toothless, her breasts long and pendulous, and her nose large and crooked. She is hungry and thirsty, has a quarrelsome nature, and rides a crow or is seated on a chariot. She holds a winnowing basket and sometimes a trident.

8. Bagalamukhi, “she who has the head of a crane,” usually sits on a throne of jewels, which is sometimes in the midst of a body of water. She is dressed in a yellow sari. In one hand she holds a club, with which she is about to beat a dark-complexioned enemy. With another hand, she is pulling his tongue. Sometimes she sits on a corpse, and in some cases, she has a crane’s head, or a crane is her vehicle or vahana.

9. Matangi has several different forms. Usually, she is a beautiful young woman with a dark or black complexion. The moon adorns her long hair, and she sits on a jeweled throne. She wears a beautiful robe and a garland of flowers. Her four hands hold a goad, noose, sword, and club. Her eyes are described as intoxicated from passion.

10. Kamala is a beautiful young woman with a golden complexion. Two elephants flank her and pour pitchers of water on her while she sits on a lotus and holds lotuses in her hands. She is clearly a form of the goddess Laksmi, one of whose common epithets is Kamala, “lotus.”

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