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Christian Baby Boy Names - Description

Dear readers, here we are going to share Christian Baby Boy Names PDF with you. The moment of people has arrived to choose a Christian name for their baby boy or girl. According to the revised Catholic Church Canon Law, it is no longer mandatory that the child receive the name of a saint.
अपने बच्चे का नाम चुनना कोई आसान काम नहीं है, इसलिए हम ने आपके आपकी मदद करने के लिए यह विशेष पोस्ट बनाई है। यह पोस्ट आपको आपके बच्चे का नाम खोजने में बहुत मदद करेगी। यहाँ हमने आपके लिए सबसे बेहतर और अलग क्रिस्चियन नाम खोजे हैं जो आपको बहुत ज्यादा पसंद आएंगे।

Christian Baby Boy Names PDF

Name Meaning
Aaron Sea or water
Adrian A person with paramount strength
Alby A city surrounded by white hills
Abner Father of Light
Benett Honourable or blessed
Brion Strong and honourable
Collin A creative person
Cyril Majesty or King
Dylan One who wins over people’s minds
Eliphaz An endeavour of God
Eliot A firm believer in God
Eric A ruler of peace
Ethan Strong and powerful
Felix A fortunate person
Feivel God Assists
Fergus A person of great strength
Filbert Extremely bright, brilliant
Gerard Strong-hearted or brave-hearted
Harold Ruler of the army
Hughe Heart, mind and spirit
Hadrian Dark
Hyman Life
Ian A name that means ‘God is merciful and gracious
Itzak Laughter
Irvin Colour of peace, a beautiful white colour
James Supplanter
Jerrod Down to Earth
Jude A disciple of Jesus
Kev Extremely gentle and caring
Kedem Old, Ancient
Kian Royal, a majestic King
Luke A biblical name; Luke was one of the authors of the New Testament
Manuel In possession of great power, strong
Nathan  Gift of God
Nicholas The victory of the people
Noah Consolation
Othello Very rich and prosperous
Phelan Joyful by nature
Phil A good friend, one who loves horses
Reuel Friend of God
Radwan Delight
Rian A ruler of people
Ryan Little King or Illustrious
Simon A patient listener
Sachiel Angle of Water
Sean A name that means ‘Lord is gracious and merciful
Ted A precious gift of God
Ulrick A very high-born ruler
Vidor Very cheerful and joyous
Vincent Conquering
Vivan Full of life, energetic
Walter A powerful warrior
Wilfred A pleasant wish for peace and tranquillity
Wynn Holy, fair and blessed one
Xavier Extremely bright and helpful
York From the farm
Zacharias Someone the Lord has thought about or favoured
Zane Gift from God
Zebedee In Abundance
Zeph Extremely precious to the Lord

Latest Christian Baby Boy Names PDF

Name Meaning
Aidan Extremely superior and intelligent
Ambrose Immortal
Aric A sacred ruler of all
Baxter An immaculate baker
Barry Marksman
Bond Farmer
Benji As per the Old Testament, Benjamin was the last born of Jacob
Boris A warrior ready to fight in a battle
Craig One who lives near the cliff
Chandler Candlemaker
Cyrus Just like the Sun
Davis The highly adored son of Davis
Dora A Gift
Dalit Draw Water
Derek The one who rules over his people
Ebin A kind of a rock
Edmund wealthy protector
Eron Peace
Elvin A magical friend, one who is noble
Francis A free man
Franklin Landowner
Frederick A very calm and peaceful ruler
Gil One who is shining brightly
Gavin White Falcon
Giles A young kid
Hanly A ruler of a particular place
Harry A champion of the high meadows
Heine One who rules the home
Ian Another name for John
Immanuel A name that means ‘God is almighty and is present with us’
James Supplanter
Jay Victorious
Jeff A very peaceful and divine ruler
Karl A free human
Kevin Name of a famous saint
Larry One who is crowned with laurels
Libin One who shows love and compassion
Marc From the God of wars
Mike A God-like figure
Moses Saviour
Norbert A brilliant one
Noel Born on the day of Christmas
Oliver From the olive tree
Paul Small, little
Peter Modern and beautiful
Philip One who loves horses
Rafe  A wise wolf
Ross One with red hair
Roy King
Rylan One from the lands of Rye
Simon To hear or listen
Seff A Wolf
Smit One with a divine smile
Terence Tender, soft and smooth
Thomas Twins. It was also the name of one of the disciples of Jesus
Travis One who collects toll while crossing a certain path
Warren Someone who is from La Varenne
Willy One with a strong mind
Windsor Name of a place in the United Kingdom
Yardley Forest or timber

Modern Christian Baby Boy Names PDF

Name Meaning
Abby My father is elated
Anthony Highly praiseworthy
Arne Powerful like an eagle
Baruch One who has been blessed
Bryce Born of a nobleman, ardent and strong
Carl A man free of all burdens
Cephas Pebbles
Carlton A settlement of free men or peasants
Cullen Son born of a holy person
Dale The one who dwells in a valley
Dasan A devotee of God
Edwin An extremely valued friend
Ellen One who is courageous
Felex One who is very fortunate and happy
Gabe The bravest man of God
Gabriel Strong and powerful
Gian Extremely knowledgeable
Hanan One who is merciful and compassionate
Hank A merciful ruler of God
Isaac One who brings laughter and joy to our lives
Ivan A precious gift of God
Jobin Excellent and brilliant
Joel Due to the willingness of God
Joshua Generous
Kane A warrior’s son
Kasper The one who bears a treasure
Kilmer Extremely loving and caring
Leo Very brave-hearted
Liam Helmet of will
Louis A highly renowned warrior
Lucas A torch-bearer
Malcolm A disciple of a renowned saint
Melvin A protector and friend
Monty One who has come from a rich man’s mountain
Nadav Nobel
Neil A champion of clouds
Nigel A champion of the dark cloud
Othneil The powerful strength of God
Paulson Son of Paul
Phoenix A fictional bird that burns itself alive, only to be reborn again
Pious Holy or divine
Rex Almighty or King of the Universe
Samuel The name of a King in the Bible
Solomon Peaceful
Shawn Graciously given by God
Steven One who has been crowned
Theo A precious gift of God
Tison One who is highly spirited
Udeh Praise
Uriel Light of God
Yaphet Handsome
Yaron Singing
Vincent The victorious one or the one who conquered
Wyatt One with a courageous mind in a battle
Wilber Extremely bright and willing
Zain Brilliant and happy
Zephaniah Extremely valued and treasured by God
Zaccheo The One God Remembers
Zed God is Fair
Zion A Sign

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