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Chattambi Swami condemned the traditional interpretation of Hindu scriptures by quoting sources from the Vedas. Swamikal, along with his contemporary Narayana Guru, worked to reform the great ritual and caste-based Hindu community of Kerala in the late 19th century. Swamiji also worked for the liberation of women and encouraged them to take the lead in society. Swamis promoted vegetarianism and proclaimed non-violence (ahimsa). Swamis believed that different religions were different paths leading to the same place. Chattambi Swamy has maintained many friends from different parts of Kerala throughout his intellectual and spiritually prosperous life. During his stay with these friends, he has written many books on spirituality, history, and language.

Chattambi Swami Class 10 PDF- Major works

Swamikal’s writings comprise various forms, such as single stanzas, muktakas, bhajan songs, essays, critical works, translations, commentaries, short notes, and letters. Swamikal led a wandering life and left what he wrote with those who were with him at the time of writing. Most of the works were only partially recovered and published. There were no later attempts to collect and conserve them, which led to the gradual loss of many of them. A few works were discovered and published eight decades after his death and inspired serious discussion, such as Adhibhasha and Pracheena Malayalam The Centre for South Indian Studies has formed the Chattampi Swami Digital Archive (CSDA) project as an attempt to collect and collate extant documents related to Swamikal. Important works available in print are:

  • Advaita Chinta Paddhati
  • Vedantasangraham
  • Vedanta Saram
  • Vedadikara Nirupanam
  • Christhumatha Saram
  • Christhumatha Nirupanam
  • Adi Bhasha
  • Keralathile Desa Namangal
  • Jivakarunya Nirupanam
  • Devarcha Paddhatiyude Upodghatam
  • Devi Manasa Puja Stotra Vyakhyanam
  • Nijananda Vilasam
  • Pranavavum Sankhya Darsanavum
  • Moksha Pradipa Khandanam
  • Prapanchathil Stri Purushanmarkkulla Sthanam
  • Pracheena Malayalam
  • Tamizhakam
  • Dravida Mahatmyam
  • Kerala Charithravum Tachudaya Kaimalum
  • Bhasha Padma Puranam
  • Malayalathile Chila Sthala Namangal
  • Srichakra Pujakalpam

The following works are not available, except through excerpts published in various journals and books by contemporaries.

  • Advaita Panjaram
  • Ozhuvilodukkam (Translation)
  • Chidakasa Layam
  • Tarka Rahasya Ratnam
  • Parama Bhattara Darsanam
  • Punarjanma Nirupanam
  • Brahmatatva Nirbhasam
  • Bhugola Sastram
  • Shanmata Nirupanam
  • Sarva Mata Samarasyam
  • Stava Ratna Haravali

you can download the Chattambi Swami Class 10 PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Download Chattambi Swami Class 10 PDF using below link

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